Thanks for everything Jermaine.

Just wanted to say thanks for everything Jermaine and best of luck in TO (except of course when you play us).

 And welcome PK Sam.  It's going to be interesting to see where you fit in our receiving corps.

Agreed Lyle, Cope was the first big signing here as we dug ourselves out of the Feterik mess and he brought a level of respectibility back to the club, endzone antics aside he was a huge player for the Stamps, on and off the field, and I too wish him well in TO...

im sad. i thought he would finish his career here. makes me feel like stamps are loosing the family feel.

Provided Copeland does not get injured he can play for 3,4 more seasons.

Watching the game today was awesome... Except I really feel like the huffer made a mistake dumping cope for Sam. Sam played like... 3 games and contributed nothing. The was hurt agAin. Cope is under used in Toronto. Aweful trade.

Everytime I watch an Argos game I get angry about this trade! If cope was in the bc game we would have won. How ling is his Toronto contract? Can someone cinvince the stamps to get him back? Pk Sam was a total waste of cap space.

ok... PK sam goes back to the argos without even a full game as a stamp. the cope trade will go down in the history books as the worst trade in stamps history. Barker really played the huffer on that one. hope it doesnt happen again.

to be fair the argos release sam so whatever you got back for him was just for robede.

And Copeland inked an extension in TO so he clearly likes it here will probably stay a while (at least 3 years?)