Thanks for coming out TO.

The Argos are gunna' set steamrolled by our OL.

Lets hope so. Those hogs are the best in the league. I want to see them open some big holes for Roberts, he ususally has big games against TO.

Surprisingly, Armstrong and Edwards could move into the top 2 spots for league receiving after this game. Who would have predicted that going into the season?

Bahahaha. . . Stubler’s predictable defense going after Glenn early (in the gameplan). Glenn is picking apart their secondary already. Nice grab by Brazzel. Glenn looks awesome.

Dorsey is still pissed about getting cut by WPG, and he makes us pay again

Bah. Special teams poorly covering on that play. They were caught asleep. The worry is points off turnovers, I could care less about Dorsey.

Now Hebert makes a great play, and makes the Argos pay. There's always payback.

What is going on with Troy Westwood. My gawd we have to cut this guy. Get him out of Winnipeg.

......pathetic bloody performance in the first half...if Berry thinks he's gonna win anything in the play-offs with that crappy looking special teams play...he's dreaming...i don't know who stinks worse so far today....Winnipeg or Montreal....this looks like the same ol story in the Peg....the Bombers
get a chance to put a team away and make it a little easier on themselves and they blow it....NOT the mark of a real winner....sorry folks...what a joke... :thdn: We might as well have started Dinwiddie or stayed at home and mailed the Argos the 2 pts.... :cry:

Argos owned us that first half. Weak performance by the O, what's with all the passes? Lets start using Charlie!

Better come out on fire in the second boys, or this one is over

So much for first in the CFL, Winnipeg.

Was that a falling star, a plane crash no it was a bomber crashing to earth. So is this a questrion of Milt takes a game off so the rest of the team follows. Good game ARGOOOOOOO's :lol: Look over your shoulder I think the Boatman are going for first place. Hey that is okay you guys should get second the Als are not playing well at the momment.

Oh yes let me save the trouble how about those Tiger cats. They sure showed the Stamps. :lol: :lol:

....if the Bombers continue not to do something about the kicking game ....this will definitely hinder any progress looks like they gave this one to the Argos must have felt sorry for the lol... :lol: its a laugher.. :lol:

just announced in the game....looks like Henry is done my son.....and so are the stamps....tough break.... :roll:

...this should be Troys last game,,, :thdn: :thdn:

It's yours for now. Enjoy it, because we'll get it back soon enough!

I would be more concerned about your own team's shortcomings, which are far more numerous, and larger than any problems Winnipeg has!

Is Burris out for the season?

...that's what they said during the game today....but have now changed it and said that he is only out for awhile??????? :roll: :roll:

Well some one forgot to bring the construction equipment.

Tuesday we will find out but it may be two to six weeks. Burris is going to have a press conference Tuesday.

Hey papazoola, it's good to see you (on here) again. You're one of the good Bomber fans that frequent the board.

In all honesty, Troy Westwood is playing his way off the team. Everybody (including Berry) knows this. I have got to hand it to Berry, because he's given Troy every opportunity. That being said, Westwood should be given his outright release IMMEDIATELY! (If not. . . then by weeks end?) The guy has done it all for Winnipeg, his time is now up for sure. Also, I would be shocked if Winnipeg didn't cut him + kept him on strictly as a coach for Pikula. I will be shocked if he's still a Bomber by weeks end.