Thanks for beating the Riders :)

As a BC Lions fan, thank you for beating those riders, it keeps our host for hosting a home semi final game. I am hoping the grey cup final will be BC vs Hamilton.

So do we. Wouldn't that be great. Printers vs Glenn.... I'll tell you one thing, Printers is looking bloody good out there in only his second game.

GSF, the favour could be returned with a BC win over Edmonton next week. And I don't think the Esks will win in BC next Friday.

But if the Stamps win tonight, as long as you don't tie the Esks, that would be fine with us. :slight_smile:

now you just got to beat Winnipeg for us tomorrow :slight_smile: guess its not a hamilton vs bc grey cup eh :frowning: ?

You're welcome, and we look forward to beating the hell out of your team at Ivor Wynne next weekend.

Unfortunately we have to deal with that massive annoyance that's been following us the past few weeks first (Bombers)

you guys are doing good so far. and if you guys win, im looking forward our our game :slight_smile:

I'm hoping for a Riders-TiCats Grey Cup. Twenty years since one of the best ever.

I'm ok with a repeat of ten years ago.

Especially the outcome of that one vs the one 20 years ago