Thanks Edmonton

...for putting up your city to host the NHL playoffs and doing a great job at it...I know it was only a few square blocks that were effected but from everything I saw or heard your city handled it very well...


Boy I agree and some of the best hockey I have ever watched. No flying allows for fresh legs.
The rink and hotel borders a long standing neighborhood, downtown, that is populated by many homeless and poor called Boyle Street. In fact I worked there years ago, at a place called Boyle Street Coop. Still there in fact.
During their time there, teams and players, anonymously, sent over pizzas and pop there, It was a nice touch. Every day you'd see people wandering with a slice and a pop. And a smile.


Edmonton will be hosting the World Junior tournament
in the bubble this year too! :+1: :canada:

I hear that the NHL players like Max Pacioretty didn't like the bubble experience and is objecting to enter another for the next NHL season.

The NHL wants fans in home arenas for revenue. Supposedly the NHL and players union are going to negotiation to play in each team's home arenas. Good luck with that.

Yeah I have no doubt that the players, especially those with families, would grow to hate living and playing in a bubble city.

Well they can easily opt out to spend all the time with their families. But they can't say no to the bi-weekly direct deposits that's true Dave. I guess we can all relate to that eh?