Thanks Edmonton for beating my ARGOS!!!

Unrealriders you better hope Eskies,or lions are in the cup.If you want the cup in the west.

You just want them back in the GC to give your Argos an easy win. :stuck_out_tongue:

No easy win here.
We have to get through Montreal first.
Unlike you rider fans,I respect other teams.

Well all but the Riders right?


Saskargo, please don't lump everyone into one bunch...I respect all teams and their abilities and have never said anything disrespectul...although....after watching the bc/winn game and in the last couple minutes when winn receiver got knocked on his a@@ with the no-yarder, didn't feel that bc earned much respect after that play. By the way, did bc (can't remember his name) get kicked out for more that the remainder of the game?

Want a medal for being respectful?

Nope, would you like one though?

Nope just a 16th Grey cup for my Argos!!!

Oh, that would be wonderful hey? 16 Grey Cups!! I'm hoping for a 3rd Grey Cup for my Riders.

Good luck greenfan.
I hope you don't mind waiting for your third grey cup.
It will be along time for that to happen.

Definitely not were gonna embarrass you again this year like we did last year (what was it like 65-10) only this time there wont abe a we didnt dress our starters excuse. A sold out olympic stadium is waiting for you

Easy Mada
In last years game Toronto started less than half of their regulars and it was not an excuse. All it did was fire up the Argo and they beat us in the Eastern Final.
This game is not an automatic victory.

This not an automatic victory for either team.
I respect the Als alot.
You have to.They have been probably the best team in the last 5 years.
Yes they made changes.However,it is still mathews team.
It will be a good match up.