Thanks Edmonton for beating my ARGOS!!!

Well I would like to thank Edmonton on a good game.
You deserve the win.
I’m happy and sad about the game.
I’m happy with you guuys winning.If you beat the riders this weekend.That would give you guys second place in the west.
However,we are now tied with Montreal.If we don’t get first place.I think it will be a Montreal and Edmonton Grey cup match up.
Rider fans you must be upset that you don’t get another home playoff game.What is it now?17 years.Now that is funny!!!

The commentators during Mondays game said that it was 20 years since the Riders last hosted a playoff game.

I almost feel bad for the stuble jumpers.

Nope it was 1988.That was the last year they hosted a playoff game.
I don't feel sorry for them.
You think they would learn.
Somethings never change.
No matter how many times those rider fans get the shaft,they always return.
I give them credit to support their team.However where has it got them.
Shivers knows,no matter what team they have on the field.The fans will come.
Oh well, sucks to be a rider fan!!!

This was the one week of the year where I would cheer for Edmonton. They did not disappoint me. The only thing better than an Als victory is an Als victory coupled with an Argos lost.

Can you believe the Als needed 16 weeks (well, 14 games) to reach first place this year? Ottawa was in charge before the Argos. Now we're getting somewhere. We must hold on!

Who's playing Toronto this week? Who?... Daaaahhh... Winnipeg... Okay, so now the Argos have an easy one while my Als will host some pissed-off Lions. But there is still the real test coming in on October 22nd.

We'll be waiting for your squad Saskargo. We'll be waiting in our gigantic toilet bowl.

Besides the riders,I don't take any team lightly.
Turd 22nd will be a good game.Which Argo team will show up.I'm guessing the one that we saw yesterday.Oh well what can you do?
I have said this before.I know in 5 years we will have another cup.
As long as the riders don't win the cup,it is almost as good as a Argo grey cup!!!

I don't usually cheer for Montreal, but I was ecstatic when they put the final nail in the coffin on Saturday.

Does Montreal want Cavil back? I can't see him getting any playing time now that Hervey is back in the lineup.

What makes you think that we will not get a home playoff game. :shock: Chances are still very good we will be hosting a playoff game at Taylor Field this year. Maybe not, but at least we are not out of it yet.

Funny how rivals cheered for one another this weekend just because divisional status were at stake.

As for Cavil, I don't think we need him anymore. Who would we sit? Watkins (#2 receiver in the league), Cahoon (ever god-like slotback), Stala (the young Cahoon who does it all, even the kicking duties) or Vaughn (while he has never really connected with AC, he is still about to get a 1000 yards season).

Maybe Cavil could pressure Vaughn to be more efficient, but he wouldn't play, barring injuries to our current squad.

Greenfan if your riders lose to Edmonton this week.You will not have a home playoff game.Edmonton will have the series.they will be 4 points up.Riders would only have 2 games left.In other words no home playoff game!!!!

My point exactly...the Riders are NOT out of a home playoff spot. :?

Edmonton is going to destroy you little riders this weekend.
It won’t even be close.
Don’t worry greenfan you still got that rider pride!!!

I guess I should have added the Riders have NOT played their last three games, thereby have NOT lost a home playoff spot. They are playing very well and even though lost to Montreal, I still feel the next three games are wins for us. This is my opinion, so don't get down on every Rider fan.

You're right greenfan, it's still a possibility. Now much tougher as we'd pretty much need to win out the remaining games, unless edmonton loses to calgary as well, but still a possibility.

Dream on.
If riders get a home playoff spot, I will cheer for green and white for a whole year.That is how confident I am.

It will be a good game, but I have a feeling the Riders will come out on top this weekend. And yes, I have that Rider pride, I'm a fan through the good and bad ...always have been and always will be.... I said in my other posts, the game is THIS WEEKEND,,,,IT HASN'T HAPPENED YET.....therefore, a home playoff game is still on the horizon.

By the way, congrats Bombers...great game

Saskargo, remember the last time you bet....

Dont you think you are being a bit hard on Vaughn?
72 receptions for 864 yards for a 12 yard average?
He is on target to get over 1100 this year

Yep,I remember.
I stuck to my word.
I will get the last laugh on this one.
Like I said before.You guys could have the best team in the league.However you will still lose.I have seen it year after year.After living in Saskatchewan almost all my life.I see broken dreams over and over.I love it!!!
I just want to go back to Saskabush like last year.
I remember being in Saskatoon for a couple of weeks.
All you saw going down the main drag was rider flags on the cars.
Then you guys lost to B.C.
I was in my glory.Argos going to the cup!!!
It was kind of a slap to the face of rider fans.Man did I feel good that day.
Edmonton has the best Defence in the league.Their receivers are the best.Well maybe second best.Good luck rider priders.

I know. My point was that he would already be in the 1000 + yards had he made all the catches he was supposed to. Vaughn was used to being lead by his QBs. With Calvillo, you have to be at an exact location on the exact moment to get your ball. Vaughn hardly adapted to that style.

Doesn't matter who makes it to the GC from the east for us out here I just hope the Leos don't make it to the GC again because I want to see the cup back here in the west...