Thanks Coach Lancaster.

You accepted a tough situation with optimism but wit ha toughness and resolute approach that probably has upset the more sensitive-type player and fan. :frowning:

I cant comment on what all the recent firings, demotions and shuffling of the roster has done to "team spirit". But given last night you've done alright, Coach.

Also you had every right to blow a gasket last night on the poor officiating but you mostly kept your cool and showed some class.
Stomping up and down the sideline screaming at the refs with eyes bulging just would have made you look like a jackarse and would have set a poor example for team discipline.
You shrug off all the negativity and sniping from last week and led the team to a gutsy and RARE road win with a well prepared but still injured squad.

All of which bears mentioning,

Theres nothing else I can add to that.

I agree 100%, especially on the stomping up and down part. I was freaking out in my living room over that replay joke, and Ron kept his cool.

Thanks Ron, you just might give us something to cheer about yet this season.

BINGO and ditto! :wink:

Coach Paopao deserves credit aswell. Once they discoverd what worked he stuck with it and didnt muck it up with any fancy stuff.
Coach Reed too, the defense took advantage of WPG's weakness which is what good teams do.

Coach Reed gets my game ball.... bringing the heat and blitzing is exactly what you do to young QB's with little experience.

Hats off Kavis.

Well done to Coach Lancaster and the entire team. That was Hamilton Tiger-Cats football!


Great job Ron, I for one was not sure you had any gas left in the tank but youโ€™re stating to make me a believer. I love the fact you have started to hold players accountable.

Yes I am Happy and things worked out for us last night No Glenn and Stegall made a HUGE difference...........anyway congrats

Ps; The only way That I will feel alote better is to Blitz the Argos at home this Sat and then maybe I can forget that 29-0 disgrace. :thup:

Best thread of this season. :thup:

Well said!!! I too am happy with the Job Lancaster has done so far.

As for Paopao, I will definitely give credit where it is due. The offense came through and played well. We found our running game for the first time all season. Hats off to Paopao for coming through. Lord knows I have been on his case all year.

Once again the defense plays well. Nice to see them continuing to play well.

Paopao and Reed both deserve some Kudos this week, they were smart enough to do what Ron Lancster told them to do. :wink:

It's about bloody time!!! The rush three D-lineman and let the opposition receivers get open deep down field was wearing kind of thin.

Thankfully we finally have someone on the sidelines that isnt afraid or reluctant to shake things up and kick the asses that need it.

Great Job by Ronny & all the Coaches Hopefully it continues & we grow as a team

Good work men :thup:

O, D and Ronnie had everyone firing on all cylinders.

Does it in a professional way as well. I also liked the way he kept his cool when things didn't go well. You could see in his eyes that he was livid when told about the audio problem on the challenge but he kept calm. This kind of behavour sets a good example for the team. Get the win, don't let mistakes drag you down along the way.

Well said !!! Thanks Team a GREAT Game ! Now wait until Sat. game with Toronto just keep up the same effort boy's :lol:

Exactly ... hat's off to Coach Lancaster.