Thanks caretaker

Thanks for today's video spin doctoring.Gee whiz kids it will get better.When? Year 4 is lost .Year5,6,7 WhenÉ If an employee of mine showed such awful productivty I would have two choices fire them or go broke. Yours must be the much vaunted third way.

Love the sarcasm. :lol: There are those who feel the Caretaker should assume none of the blame. I can't figure that one out myself. Even Young is willing to take the heat. Just because he saved the franchise doesn't mean he isn't at least partly responsible for what's happened to it since.

Having said that, I'm sure he has no more of an idea as to how to make things right than anyone else in his employ. Therein lies the real problem.

An Argo-Cat fan

the CARETAKER, IS NOT RESPONSABLE FOR THE STATE OF THE TICATS W/L RECORD, He has been the prototype Hands off owner, as for the teams play, he,s the opposite of Stienbrenner,imo- check out poll-

Don't pay any attention to the naysayers Doc. Most of us know that you have been trying, not sitting on your hands, and not being a cheapskate. You have tried to put the right people in charge and they let you down. You try to be square with the fans, and yet some still turn on you. Ignore them Doc, keep on truckin and your efforts will pay off eventually. Ticats will rule again someday, no matter who is in charge. Dont give up the watch before they get there

I wish I could take something positive out of the Undertaker's Updates. I really do.

some people are just plain negative. Whad ya gonna do.

As Stephen Brunt points out in today's Globe, this ghastly outfit is 26-71-2 since 2002. So yeah, I'm negative.

And the listlessness and bumbling displayed by the '07 edition is supposed to inspire confidence for the future?

making too many player, coaching, and front office changes will have that effect. However, if you dont get the right combination, you got to keep trying til you get something you think will work in few yrs. Eventually, though, you got to keep the same core in palce and give it a chance to jell. ON and off the field.

I find it funny how people refer to Bob Young as 'The Caretaker'. Quite comical.

It's a dismal situation....look on the bright side....the odds are in favour of it getting better and not worse.

Bob refers to himself as the Caretaker.
I find it comical that you find it comical.
Of course, I also refer to myself as JerkFaceLoser, so what do I know?

I just watched the Caretaker's video update. It sure is a pleasant change from the doom most of us are spreading on the forum.
I can't help thinking though that in the long run things will shake themselves matter who the OC or the QB is. Perhaps we fans are too caught up in the moment. But then I suppose thats our role in this daily posting frenzy. We'll let Bob deal with the stuff on the far horizon.
I just can't believe this team will keep on going on downhill much longer. Winning will have to be the last block in the re-building of this team instead of the first but surely it will happen eventually.
Maybe we will soon have reason to catch up to Bob's eternal optimism. It will never happen fast enough for most of us but as long as he is still keen and upbeat, I for one, will be thankful.

That's what makes it even funnier.

Your name is cool, nice pick.

I can't believe we WON 26 games in 5 years. Maybe want to double check the numbers.

You can't knock Bob for any of this, he's spent money to make some positive improvements that we all love in the off-season. And its extremely fusrating that none of these changes turned into positive product on the field.

At least he still hasn't given up like so many owners have done in the past and he's still working on fixing the on the field product. What more and a fan ask for in a owner...

Hmm The "Caretaker" has not Taken Care of anything as far as building a competitive team goes. The updates he has provided us with are nothing of any substance. Sorry Bob lovers but you know I am correct. This is year 4 of the 5 year plan and we are still on year 1. I am happy Bob saved this team and I appreciate that but I am tired of hearing how we need to be patient. This team has no excitment to it. Boring Offence and predictable play calling. All the fancy Technology and video updates will not keep people paying there hard earned money to watch a loser on the field. Yeah I know Bob is not a football guy. Guess what? He became one when he bought this team.

tcmike, I agree that we are all deeply grateful for Robert Young saving the 'Cats.

I also agree with the poster above commenting on the "Caretaker" moniker: Mr. Young's position could be more accurately described as that of the "Undertaker" as this franchise slides into utter disarray and ineptitude.

Again, painful as it may be, the columns today by Brunt and Cox are accurate and fair indictments of this woebegone franchise.

We're not still on year 1, we're on year 1 again, because this year we rebooted.
And while we have a few killer apps, we've also got too much shareware that isn't worth keeping after the trial period expires.

Now I'll just sit back and wait for someone to add a virus analogy to that.

I'm actually near the point that I'd be happier if we didn't have a team. I can't help but care and it hurts every minute I think football. At least if we had no team I wouldn't be miserable all the time

As a Bob-aholic I enjoyed the update. But then I'm not so much a football fan as I am a fan of trying more and more to enjoy the process of living, of life, as I get older, and learning that each day that you wake up should be cherished as it might be your last in the physical form on this earth anyways. And the fun, albeit sometimes scary, process of change and things happening in your life, is what it's all about anyways along with all the humane values of living with each other on this earth and just trying to get along with each other, living, loving, learning from each other.

I know we talk football but the great part about these forums is that you can read between the lines of the football stuff and really learn about life and people. That is just plain fun and enjoyment all the way.

Go Cats Go!!

How is constant losing fun?

Losing it and of itself is not fun as you say. But my take of the whole football experience, getting seasons tickets, going to the games, thinking about the season, thinking about the seasons ahead etc. involves way more than just each game. It's like the weather. Sometimes you're just going to be stuck with some bad weather for a while. But eventually it will get better. It's like pain and suffering. No one wants pain and suffering but it is only through pain and suffering that we can learn to appreciate those times that are blissful without these things. So while the Cats purposely did not try and lose this year or the last few years, it's inevitable that all teams in any league will go through some very bad times with the wins and losses. And when the bad times end, and they will, we will all appreciate the good times when they come, and they will. Just like life.