Thanks Buck!

I know its still the right choice with his long history of injuries, head and throwing shoulder in paricular. However, he played his heart out here and when he was healthy did a damn fine job on the field. Hopefully he can get on somewhere else and have continued success.

I second that motion. :thup:

ok that is it ... I have had it!!! who wants my season tix.... I am annoyed. Sorry but Casey won't cut it.

ok, thats just foolish. I have my doubts about Casey as well, but they were not getting their money's worth from buck on a per game played basis, and buck should not be playing any more anyhow.

You were a big surprise right from the start Buck and you were instrumental in getting us to the Grey Cup in 06. You had a great year that year and were a very deserving member of the grey cup winning team. It's too bad for the injuries. You deserved better than that. But at least you have that grey cup ring and alot of great memories of the lions, Vancouver, the cfl, and professional football. You were always a class act and never complained. I really liked how you learned as much as you could from Dave Dickenson and it showed in your career. Goodluck in your career but I hope you don't take your concussions too lightly because I have a friend who had quite a few concussions from hockey and it developed into mild cognitive brain damage to alzheimer's. Back then they didn't know as much as they know now and they returned back to the game much too quickly. However, it is not worth taking too many more big chances. Once again, thanks for everything and I hope you are happy in your life.

Good luck to Buck.... great team player who took many hits and stuck it out. I don't think we will see the last of Buck, I am sure a team will pick him up and we will see him again but this time back against the lions... and I am sure he will want to show everyone that the team was wrong to let him go... a little payback is always good motivation. to see that matchup ... Buck against Mr Flashy all about me.

Agree with you. This is Casey: Ball is snapped to him... he looks down field.. hesitates... starts to run out of the pocket to the right, hesitates.. turns and runs to left, throws down field and gets lucky with a frustrated receiver running all over the place to make the catch or incompletion or decides to run for a few yards down the middle or outside B.C. fans get used to this all season long.

I’ve never heard any of our receivers say anything but great things about Printers. And with how lousy our O-Line is, his ability to move out of the pocket is going to be key.

Thanks Buck for all your gutsy performances and being a team player. Unless are offensive line improves greatly, we need a scrambling quarterback like Printers, that can escape trouble. Buck would not have not survived the season if he were to have stayed here. I here Buck will be having a few NFL tryouts, wishing you all the best! :thup:

wow...I will take your tickets!! Are you crazy, do you really believe that we had a better chance with Buck? Have you actually watched any football?

So long Buck..You have my respect. Good luck to you

Too bad the concussion issues caught up to Buck. Had he stayed healthy I think nhe could have done a lot here.

Hopefully Printers has changed (for the better) and we can develop Lulay.

Buck is a class act. He would sacrifice his body and often paid the price both on and off the field. I hope he does not try out in the NFL. They would kill him. It is just not worth it. Too many ex- football players have ended up in the graveyard years before their time or paid the price physically due to injuries they received on the field years ago.