Thanks Brian! Canadian players(merged)

Can't get the message to Cohon about continuing to reduce Canadian content any louder than this . Wow ! Good stuff.

It seems like they've all been harping on the issue today. Dutchie had some tough words earlier. :lol:

I just watched Brian Williams lay into The Commissioner, Mark Cohon about the rumour of the decrease of of canadian starters from 7 to 4, and i wanted to give BIG props to Williams for putting Cohon on the hot seat and saying how fans will be outraged if that happens. He even asked Cohon to look into the camera and say he won't let that happen and he couldn't.

Brilliant work Brian.

i posted in the other topic about about it. SO RIGHT. WE CANT STAND FOR IT.

We need more voices like this.

He acted like a joke, and a professional journalist would know it made COHEN feel uncomfortable. COHEN should have disrespected WILLIAMS and just say ''shut up, its our issue and we will deal with it''.

And who cares how many canadians play in the league. Just create a rule that you have to have a min of 15 on a team and none of them have to start. If they are good, they'll play! END OF STORY!

Does Williams have a family member about to play in the league or what? get real.

For being in the CFLInsideNetwork, you sure don't understand the league. Any other ignorant opinions you'd like to share?

Somebody needed to ask the tough questions and get the best answer possible, because so far it's really been a love-fest with soft-ball questions. Cohon's a big boy, he can handle the hot seat just fine. it comes with the commissioner territory. I wish he had been able to offer more assurances, but I totally get that he can't say more about it during negotiations. He gave the most diplomatic answer possible, and that's exactly what he should have done, even if some don't like it.


I'm glad Brian took it to him. I was really disappointed in the way Cohon sounded like a politician this entire weekend on this issue. When you out and out refuse to answer a question...we already know the answer. Hopefully Brian got through to him about how the majority of Canadians feel about the issue. Maybe we need to let the CFLPA know that we support them on this 100%.

I don't think williams was unprofessional at all. as a matter of a fact that is his job as a journalist to get to the truth and let the public know what is going on with their community. cohon was acting like a dodgy politician and i have lost a bit of respect towards him.

hopefully the players who vote for the the agreement will step up and not let this change happen. and why they are at it maybe add more canadians to the mix by making one of the QBs a canadian. at least a practice roster QB, that is not to big to ask.

If Cohon could have answered that question directly, my respect for him would not have swayed one iota. As it now stands, I respect him very little.

Brian Williams for Commish!! :wink:

Dave Naylor's article a few weeks ago actually tells the whole story. The league isn't mandating that every team go to four Canadian starters. People are assuming that every team will start every available import on the roster. That's not what necessarily would happen. Both teams today were starting up to 10 Canadians, the MLB on both teams were alternating, their import and Canadian at that position so sometimes it was 9 sometimes 10.
The league is not proposing to reduce the 20 Canadians off the rosters. I think what we would see is a few more cases of what we saw today. Montreal alternated Emry and Guzman, Sask did the same with McCullough and Williams. If the Canadian players are good enough they will play beyond the minimum.

What I would like to see is a compromise. Set the rosters at 21 Canadians and 21 imports with no designated QB status.
Teams would carry at least two import QB's, that's brings us to at least 5 Canadian starters. Half the teams now carry an import kicker so they would start at least 6 Canadians. Only the bottom feeders would go with the minimum, and most team would still be starting 7 or 8 Canadians. We would also see teams start looking for a Canadian QB for their 3rd string guy. We all want that don't we.

And Brian Williams was rude with Cohon, the B of G will make the decision not the Commissioner.

Brian was stern because Mark has been dodging tough questions from the media since he took the job. If he is not going to answer their questions don't ask them to come out. Brian did the right thing and Mark should consider that a warning...

so is there some rule about qbs in the do they have to be imports or do teams just never sign canadians on their own? watching the vanier yesterday showcased two highly skilled canadians at the position. would love to see them in the league soon

Sadly in this day and age of enlightenment and tolerance, there is no opportunity for Canadian QB,s to advance to the next level. and now there will be fewer Canadians . Maybe its time an alternative professional league started up in Canada, because the CFL is leaving enough talent by the wayside that it just could work!!

Kudos to Brian Williams to say 100 % are with him. The CIS has had several good QB’s and kickers this season. Eventually I would like to see even more Canadians as 1st string!

I think Brian Williams did a great job of interviewing the commish. Cohon's indirect answer to Brian's last question speaks volumes. Remember Cohon is commish at the behest of the BOD and nobody else. I don't trust him and don't think he gets our infatuation with home grown players.