Thanks Bob !

Even though the season did not turn out the way eveyone wanted to, Bob and the Tiger Cats staff put on a first class operation for the Last Year at Ivor Wyyne Stadium. Even the last game in Toronto, the Ticats put on a pre-game party in Toronto at Jack Astors, with free food and drink :thup:

If it wasn't for Bob there would be none of this !!

Thank you Bob !!

Well said tc23. :thup: Bob gives Hamilton credibility and stability.

Pat Lynch(the old Bob Young fan)

Bob I know your disappointed like we all are but stick with it good fan , a real TiCat fan is for life. :thup:

Thanks Bob for buying the Team nine years ago.
Thanks for the scoreboard.
No thanks for 9 years of losing and mostly boring football.
No thanks for all the ill-will created during the stadium debate.
No thanks for threatening to move to move the Team out of Hamilton.
No thanks for not expressing any gratitude for a new stadium built with taxpayers’ money.
No thanks for choosing to rebuild at the current site , and not at the site chosen by the elected city council.
No thanks for not having concrete plans for a place to play during the building of the new stadium.
No thanks for turning people away from the team I have supported for fifty years.

That pretty much nails it...

Thanks Bob, for buying a team about to fold and keeping our Cats alive. Despite the naysayers you will always have my respect. For my part I will promise to keep the hope alive for next year. :smiley:

WOW ! This coming from a guy with only 3 posts, i can only imagine what the other 2 posts were :roll: :o

If by "nails it" you mean pretty much miss the mark completely, then I guess he did nail it.

Pure and simple: no Bob Young, no Tiger-Cats. The rest is extraneous BS as far as I am concerned. Were it not for Bob Young none of us would be cheering for the Tiger-Cats right now because they wouldn't exist.


That's about all we have been able to do in the Bob Young Era...

Did he buy this team for it to simply "exist"?

Thanks Bob for having to deal with so much bs around this city that if it were me, I would have been gonzo a long time ago. I could see you deserved some slamming if you were an NFL owner raking in millions and putting not much into a new stadium deal but Hamilton where no owner is ever going to make a dime off of this team, and yet you get slammed by Ryan and his buddies and others in that line. Ah, it's Hamilton though. :roll: Where putting head offices into the downtown here and employing people just doesn't seem to matter to some people who just want to slam you because you didn't agree de facto, no questions asked, no investors etc. to a WH stadium.

Bob, it's like religion, just have faith in those that are more enlightened and do as you're told, oh, and pay the rent too of course. Speak when you're spoken to, that sort of thing. Bob, we don't need your thoughts, just your silliness to have bought the Cats and then we tell YOU what to do.

A Hamilton thing I guess. But don't worry, as a poster once said on Raise the Hammer, when Bob sells some other sucker will come along and buy the team, probably Braley because that's what Braley does. For all the information on the Ticats, all we need to do is read RTH for their enlightened stadium articles. :roll:

It's better than the alternative. Would you prefer there not be a team?

BINGO! ....and just remember yes if the team had folded it would have been painful BUT after a few years life moves on & there are other teams to follow or leagues for that matter. While it wouldn't be the same, time heals all wounds. We've been wounded for the last 9 ........ life shouldn't be that painful.


" Life shouldn't be that painful". WOW! You gotta be kidding! People in New Jersey and New York are in pain. We are TiCat football fans who are disappointed with this season's results but in the big picture, we've got it pretty good. We have a great owner who cares about our team and the Canadian Football League. We'll be better next year with or without your support. I've been a TiCat fan since 1953 and perhaps have a slightly different perspective than some of you who are in such pain. :roll: :roll: :roll:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

It's great that Bob Young purchased the team and I don't want to seem for a second to be ungrateful but where does the 'we wouldn't have a team' line of thinking keep forming?
Yes we would have, it just would have been under different ownership.
I'm all for giving credit where due, and I'm not willing even a little bit to hang the win/loss record on Young's shoulders, but we weren't even close to closing the doors on this franchise, it had just been taken over by the league and no one had even threatened Hamilton with folding or moving.
Thanks for sure, but the whole 'saviour of all that is football in Hamilton' title isn't even a little bit true.

Well, using your cyrstal ball, Who Would have been the owner if Bob wasn't ??????????????????????????????????/

David Braley :wink:

Fred Eisenberger. :wink:

Not sure where you were or what you were following at the time but ya it had been told to the fans the future was at stake because of the trouble locating an owner for the team .. at the time the city and the fans were resting their hopes on Martin Short who was smart enough to say NO WAY

the Fans were threatened NUMEROUS times over the years until Bob came in with his open wallet and not once was a threat thrown out there (until the stadium crud) so i get why people can take that stance but even he too one day is going to be tired of losing money

Well, please let me lend my name to those who say "Thanks Bob".

The ungrateful people who continually come on here and chastise Bob Young and Co.

...Yes, Scott Mitchell and right on down the line, "Some Fans Never Cease to Amaze Me With Their Ignorance". :oops: Some times I'm ashamed of you...but the fact remains you shame yourself with your "attitude".

I guess you haven't figured out the "football is a game" and there are winners and losers both. They are in it to win and THANK YOU BOB for not giving up and cutting your losses when these "ungrateful fans" say what they do.

When we win our Grey Cup, sooner rather than later, these same fans will be the ones who chirp up and say..."OH yea...I've always been a fan". :roll:

Gimme a break...give your head a shake and lets appreciate what we have. The guy is trying for us and has put his money where his mouth is. AND...don't give me any crap about "Oh, well I spend money on tickets and swag etc".... :smiley: This guy has put out millions of dollars and believe me, if I had his money, I'd stick it in the bank and collect the measley 3% and not have to put up with all the BS.

He did it to give back to the community and leave a living legacy. We also have a bright future and Bob will leave the team financially stable. The wins will come as well. :wink:

Well Said, Some people get it, and some people dont !! The CFL is an institution. Guys like David Brayley and Bob Young DO NOT get enough credit !!

Where was I? Standing on the field beside temp GM Al Ford when he was appointed by the league and they made a statement claiming they were committed to Hamilton and it's fans to find stable ownership for the franchise, and that Hamilton fans need not fear losing their team.
Martin Short was briefly rumored to be Mr X , at no point prior to the league announcing they had found a buyer was Martin Short even mentioned, that was fan generated speculation. Go back please and follow the timeline from Bankrupt to the Mr X announcement, the search wasn't exhaustive, the team wasn't being threatened other than in the minds of the media or fans and at no point were we in danger of not having a football team here.
You can read whatever you want into my words but I'm not running down Bob Young, I'm just saying there's no way the league was going to just up and move or fold this team because the previous owners went bankrupt.