Thanks Bob!

Thanks Bob:

Just an appreciative thanks, for all that you have done!!! Despite the adversity (negativity, setbacks and anguish) you have endured, this game’s significance cannot be understated.

This fan is immensely grateful for all that you have accomplished!!!

Forever Ti-Cats!!!

For sure, I'm glad he has endured no question, he knows now you have to have an agenda of winning, not that he didn't want to win of course, but I think he had in his agenda wanting to win with his own agenda and it can be debated the various aspects of what that agenda might have been. But the fans and players just want to see an agenda that is trying to win within the rules and don't care about most other stuff like marketing or having high profile Canadians in some positions unless that makes good sense, etc.

THank u

Yes a great article in the Star today about this great ending story.