That's It! :thup: :thup:

I am a HAPPY CAMPER! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I hope all the praise Bob and Co. get, really turn into great crowds.


I believe they did the right thing. And we should get sold out crowds for the remainder of this season and many to come!!!

Go CATS Go!!!

Agreed. Many great years to come.

Salary Cap.........What salary cap? If this was the Argos or the Esks u would b screaming bloody murder, but I guess in the ME generation everything is A OK

Mangy, are you saying this signing puts us outside the salary cap? Bob Young indicated Marcel has done a good job to keep us within it so we could afford this signing. I believe him.

Anways the Argos or the Esks don`t need a qb, we DO!!!!

Not really worried about this year, it's pretty obvious u don't have alot of high priced players. I was thinking more about getting those high priced players to surround Printers over the next 2 yrs.

I would like to thank ALL THE TICAT FANS who have supported the team the last two seasons especially this season filling the seats and watching crap football at Never Win stadium they are the ones who should get the credit along with Bob :thup: with a 25000 av attendance this season we should all give ourselves a pat on the back for supporting the cats$$$ :wink:

thanks bob ,also thanks to all fans whole who spent$$$$$ on the cats made this free agent signing since d mac and flutie in 1998.

Thank you Bob Young,we have never had a better owner in the history of the tiger cats .It is very apparent that Mr. Young is doing everything he can to bring us a winner on the field and off.Every fan should Thank You first for saving the Tigercats and second spending money that will probably net no return for himself personally on talent such as Casey printers.
Thank You ! Thank You ! Thank You !

Here, Here,

Thanks Bob Young. For being a true ticat supporter and for showing your loyalty to the people of Hamilton. For rewarding us on one of the best signings in the history of the ticats. I have no doubt that the people of Hamilton will fully support this team by having even better attendance.

As a lifelong ticat fan, I have never been more pleased!!!!

Thank you, Bob

You truly are the best owner we have ever had!!!!

In the words of Kim Mitchell...

DAMN, I WISH I WROTE THAT! :wink: :thup:

All hail chief Bob

Good job Bob! ,now get a better O-Line to protect your investment.

Thanks Bob even though I know you are saying don't thank me just have some faith that I'm trying to build a winner here even though I'm dealing with a learning curve along the way.
I along with many others have the faith.

Thanks Bob, I nologer demand that you strip down naked and make a humiliating streak across the field every time the Ticats get blown out. I will now do the streaking!

Cheers!...........Wait, does this mean beer prices are going up?

:lol: :lol: Where do I send the bill for cleaning the coffee off my computer screen? :D

Perhaps you can do the streaking on Our Next Win???? :wink:


Let's thank Bob with a sell-out September 15 and good beer sales.

One on field problem solved many others yet to be addressed. We are instantly better but there are serious issues with the comitancy of the coaching staff that still need to be addressed