Thanks Big Dave for the VGC

Just want to say THANKS BIG DAVE for running the Virtual Grey Cup every week. I only started mid season and had a lot of fun. I was fortunate to have one 4-0 week, not sure if I should do some type of touchdown dance for that week. I know Big Dave just wants the facts - who will win and who will lose - but I do enjoy the game analysis some people post.

GREAT JOB BIG DAVE :thup: :thup:

I second this, Great Job BigDave, even if this year I can't seem to get above .500

Great job as always, truly adding more entertainment to each and every CFL game.

No doubt thanks Big Dave, as I did not expect making these picks to turn out be as challenging as gambling NFL games in mid- to late-season. I avoid the latter.

We just plain need more teams in the CFL, as too high a proportion of them are different from when they started the season due in large part to key injuries.

Ditto for me, an awesome job.

Thanks Big Dave!

Many thanks. You do an amazing job every year.

Big Dave- If I was big enough I'd give you a hug for doing this. Then again :lol: :lol: :lol:

Thanks bud for all of your work- it is appreciated by many. :rockin: :thup: :thup: :thup: :smiley: :smiley:

Great job Big D

I said it in my week 19 picks and thru out the season BIG D thank you and great job the dedication alone week in week out in my opinion the cfl should look no further then the VGC for a fan of the year
thanks again BIG DAVE

I think this thread, and Big Dave, deserve a bump for all of his efforts! he VGCC really has been fun!

This was my first year, looking forward to next year already!

Big Dave:

  This is my fourth or fifth year involved in the VGC, and I've made the playoffs twice.  It doesn't matter if I make them or not, I just have fun picking the games and trying to beat some very good CFL fans picking winners each week.  Big Dave, running this forum and not going crazy doing it should get you some recognition as one of the CFL's top fans and surely some kind of award from the league.  Thank you for making the games fun for an American; I'm already looking forward to next season and I'm determined to get back into the playoffs once again.

This is all so nice, I don't know what to say're welcome, and thank YOU.

I do this of course for my own enjoyment. I like competing with the rest of you trying to pick the winners. I usually add commentary to my own picks for those who care to read it, and I usually read a lot of the commentary that everyone else posts.

Not only that, I'm a total nerd who gets a kick out of making spreadsheets, and making them as elaborate as possible. Coming up with the spreadsheet for the VGCC (and then having to recreate it from scratch last year AFTER the start of the '09 season) was a blast. I know that's hard for most people to understand, but like I said, I'm a total nerd.

I'm really looking forward to this year's playoffs. I'm right on the verge of qualifying, and just need a decent record in Week 19 to squeak in. I'm also considering a slight modification which should increase people's chances of getting their own picks, rather than having picks assigned to them. We'll try it this year, and if it works out, I'll modify the rules page in time for next season.

Again, thanks to all of you for a great season!