Thanks Big Blue for a great year

As I sit here thinking about how great it would have been to be going to the cup or even winning it. I still think that it was a great year for us. It was fun to watch, and sometimes it made us mad, but at least we had a great time talking about it. I am so very happy for Charles getting the rushing title. I don't think that we ever had such a great running back. Remember the team did us proud. According to the media we were not even so suppose to be in the playoffs.

I wish all four remaining teams the best of luck, and I just hope that the remaining 3 games kick some some @ss.

Maybe next year we can win the Cup and I can change my name from "Themadbomber" to the "Thehappybomber"

So long everyone til next year

The Mad Bomber

As a Sask fan i think you guys had a great year, and hopefully it is even better next year. In a way i was hoping you guys would've made it to the grey cup with us, cause that would've been a great party. maybe when it is in regina next time we can meet up.

i hope you fans will help cheer a prairie team on to the grey cup

yup i'll be cheering you on i'd rather see riders in it than any other team just for the fact that when they come into an opposing teams stadium they don't raze us there maybe the odd one with his bomber buddy but i've seen mont. do it but do it in french and i saw clagary do it, like i have little respect like its 1 fan vs. like 1000's of bomber fans i don't mind u cheering but to get in fans faces like some ticks me off. Blue in 07 --- Riders c'mon and rally

we mayb be big rivals, but we understand each other. we make our jokes back and forth like the bnajo picking, but it is always in good fun. not like calgary banning gainer which was just unlike the rest of the cfl cause it is tradition for mascots and cheerleaders to be at games like that
i think you guys have a great team building, see you on the field again next year

The Bombers have made great progess over last year and next year, the Blue are going to be something special that's for sure.

Go 'Riders! Beat the Lions ...I would love to have millions of 'Rider fans make the trip to the River City for the Grey Cup game


Ya I agree BleedBlue...would be special if the Priders were in the Big Game, they do bring the Party to you Puke, atmosphere...Extra special would be watching them get kicked up n down the field, all night long..

what's wrong hank, your team lose out this year?

kind words. I hope to see the riders make it past BC cuz most f us know i am not to fond of them. And well if the riders amke I can see alot of rider fnas making the trip to be at the game and give the riders a home game feeling. And I want to see what the problem with Gainer being on the field is. Take out BC, and then finsh off who ever comes from the east. Best of Luck Rider Fans.

We just didn't lose, we lost...but we are going to submit our protest to the league, Argos cheated and the game should be.... replayed on Thursday night...Go Bombers..

off topic a bit and....IRONIC I SAY.....there was some dealings earlier in the year with of the deals was Crumb for Wynn....but also at that time...Bishop was playing in the arena league....Taman expressed interest in him....and lo and behold...the Argos quickly signed him and brought him back to the fold...just before we could nab him... T.O. was very worried we would have him on our roster...Thinking about it now....he would have been a very good back-up to have around...and who knows where we would be right now if Bishop was wearing BlueN/Gold instead of double blue....Funny how things work out sometimes.... :roll: :roll:

if the riders make it to the cup, i will defintely be trying to get tickets and go watch it, and i know you bomber fans will welcome us, and it will be a big prairie party

evry1 in the peg will be cheering if riders make it i guarantee that and if u really want tickets there will be ppl at the gates selling guaranteed since we are no longer in lol and the noise will be wild

I find it hard, making noise for the Riders..
Unless it's a Boooing noise....
Your right xjdawg13x, wild it will be...If they make it.