Well Toronto if you were looking for attention you got it!!!!!!!!!The wrong kind of attention that is.You have one of the biggest names in football saying he is embarrased to have ever been an Argo,and hes not the only one who thinks signing a suspended drug addict is a joke.Thanks alot Toronto for making the league look like a joke again.I sure hope this pays off for you,because all of this bad press is gonna hurt the league.Oh by the way O.J. Simpson is looking for a job maybe you can sign him to a contract too.You can also change the name of the Rogers Centre to the Toronto re-hab Centre..............NOBODY BLOWS LIKE AN ARGO!!!!!!!!!!!!AND YOU ARE REALLY BLOWING IT NOW. THANKS ALOT!!!!!!!!

whoa chill out, im against the signing to, but to say ricky was an addict>? ur wrong. as for the cfl, i think the worldwide publicity is huge for our league, although im afraid now with it having more hype, we will see alot of our player plucked by NFL teams. wiche will leave us dry and a crafty little league again,

besides that im agianst the signing becuz it does in fact make there team look bad for signing a player who is sending the wrong message..

hes faild once, and twice.. now.. c'mon this guy shud not be playing football if he dosnt wanna follow the rules, hen again just becuz hes good, he'll get a decent pay 500 000, also he can play football.. doesnt seem right to me.. he does somthing bad and still gets a kick out it. no way, there is no way he can live up to the hype hes getting im not down fori all...

all aside.. argos do infact suck. and... Go cats go.

peace all :slight_smile:

Some good points there TK.
As for OJ, it is to early for them to sign him. 2005-Reason, 2006-Williams, 2007-Simpson possibly.

This is getting absolutely ridiculous. There are 4 different threads on the first page alone with anti-Ricky rants. Could we possibly keep all the anti Ricky/Argos/CFL re Ricky signing rants in one thread? You want to rant, pick one of the other lovely threads and add to it. Give the guy a break for the love of God. I don't mind the player trash talk a la Charles Roberts, but this stuff is just getting beyond annoying. He's a human being and by all accounts a fairly decent one, how would you feel if you opened the paper everyday and had the whole world assassinating your character? He made bad choices and stupid mistakes. Let he who is without stupid mistakes cast the first stone.

The Ricky Williams’ situation is unique because he achieved so much in the NFL and he is an exceptional player in his prime.

The standard CFL option year waiver clause in Ricky’s contract was scrapped

because there has been so much media attention brought about by Argos saying that Ricky was interested in coming to TO and Miami was willing to permit it.

I hope our standard CFL contract completely unchanged will be made compulsory again.

Originally, Tom Wright was against Ricky coming here because he is under contract
in the NFL and also under NFL suspension and yet the CFL has now accepted him which speaks to the lack of power that Tom, as CFL Commissioner, has.

I also hope that they get the problem of signing suspended NFL players sorted out.

You can’t blame the parties involved for attempting to gain in this situation but

In future, both leagues should close any escape mechanisms in their standard contracts and respect each others suspensions.


Ricky didn’t like NFL life and the spotlight of fame that he lived in at the time he fell into pot smoking. He likely ignored NFL rules against it because he wanted out.

Many young people take the same method
of “escape” who aren’t under the glare
of the spotlight of fame that he was.

Those that demonize him for this.

Would you demonize your own son
for falling into pot smoking
or would you get him help
or monitor his behavior.

That is what has been,
and is being, done for Ricky.


Borehamgirl- I agree with you on two fronts, not on a third.

First, it's time to move on. I'd like to start a move to have the mods combine all Ricky Williams threads. We've all pretty well said our peace.

Second, I also agree that the manner in which opinions are being stated are quite over-the-top in many instances. I do see this on both sides of the issue.

On the third front where I disagree it is simply a question of a different view on the issue- but not based on Williams personally.

Let me try and re-cap all the views on here on the two main areas of discussion. I'll give them each a number and, from now on, all that people will have to do is just post the number! This should save us lots of time.


  1. Pot laws are stupid. Rickey is a hero.
  2. Canadian laws are different from the US laws so he deserves different treatment here.
  3. He's already paying the price by having to serve his NFL suspension. This isn't a legal issue - just a contractural one.
  4. He says he's been clean, there's some evidence of this over the past year, and who among us wouldn't want to be forgiven? Anyway... Pinball will be a good mentor for him.
  5. He should 'serve the time for the crime' and then walk away free and proud.
    (Personally, I'm somewhere around here.)
  6. He should 'serve the time for the crime' and then be shoved under the rug where he belongs.
  7. He's a dirty druggie.


  1. We're the CFL, they're the NFL. Screw them.
  2. The Argos made a smart move and were able to use their muscle and intelligence to prove to the league that this move had value. It's ultimately a good thing.
  3. The Argos danced around regulations and won. I don't like it but we'll see about the final outcome. (I'm here.)
  4. If the Argos did it, it must be wrong. They're scum.

See? Might this work? Look, I'll do the next post as well. You be the judge!


A5 B3

(There, isn't that easy!)

I'm A5 B3 myself Mark. I'm not in favour of him playing here. I think people who break the rules should face the consequences and not be able to do an end run around it and get to play anyway, but I disagree with the fact that everyone and their brother is jumping out to rip a strip off the guy.


A3 B2

Comparing Ricky Williams to a murderer. The level of discussion on this issue has reached the brainless rock bottom.

You dont deserve to call yourself a Ticat fan or a fan of the CFL.


Oh by the way O.J. Simpson is looking for a job maybe you can sign him to a contract too.You can also change the name of the Rogers Centre to the Toronto re-hab Centre…

I’m embarrassed for you.

Argos owners should be saluted for having the stones to pull this off.

Ya, smart people ,not afraid of the church :cowboy: ....

A4 B2. I like this method!

You sank my battleship!!! :frowning:

wow!!!!I'm wrong to say ricky is an addict.Lets remember he failed 4 drug tests for marijuana,he was making millions of dollars to play football all he had to do is stay clean and he didnt.If that doesnt define an addict than what does?Im not comparring ricky to O.J. im just saying O.J. is looking for a job and might fit in well with Toronto's NFL rejects.Dont be embarrassed for me be embarrassed for yourself to think I would compare a double murderer to a drug addict.Remember drugs do kill,just not in the same way as O.J. did.

Wow…some of you don’t even read!!!

C’mon…he got caught 2 times with having pot in his system…suspension 2

He got suspended for not fulfilling a contract…suspension 3

He got caught with an unnammed herb ( which was on the list)in his system… and suspended 4

Big Deal…He looks to me like he is making a genuine effort to do well …I wish him well…AND if he does pull this off…the Argo’s and Pinball etc. will be the heroes.

Now…take a look what “our players” have said about the opportunity to stop him on the field!

Sit back and enjoy the ride people…here is an opportunity to see a great talent!

I now officially love this thread. :thup:

I agree- Bobzilla gets MY poster of the day!

He gets my poster of the month. That was great.