Thanks Alot Ticat "Fans".

Thanks to all those super die-hard ticat and CFL "fans" for reinforcing the image of us being petty, defensive, narrow-minded crybabies every time the Argos swing a big deal.

Other teams' fans must read all the griping and laugh.

Sure there are legitimate issues to discuss but you cant even do that - instead of welcoming the challenge and relishing a shot in the arm for the Great Rivalry you just post blanket condemnations and cheap personal attacks on a person most of you didnt even know existed until a few weeks ago.

Do all of the real fans a favour

Cheer for somebody else.

You drag us down.

...someone disagrees with your opinion.

I agree Zontar … smells like wine too…


A5 B3!
(my personal crusade) :wink:

Point taken Mark, however, don't you think this is way better than a DMac versus Marcus flame war?

I'm still upset that John Manel didn't get more playing time when Zuger went down. I never liked Eckman as a QB!

Even his most sharpest critics in the U.S., media who follow the NFL more closely than war and politics, say dedication aside he's basically a nice guy .
But to the whiners, who wouldnt recognize him if he came to their door a month ago feel free to say anything that pops into their head concernng his character.


Ever hear of the term"beating a dead horse"?That's is what this is fast becoming.Give it a rest already!!!

I suggest we make this a "STICKY" :rockin:

Guys y'all gotta relax about this "destroying to CFL" image thing. Its a game what does it matter what the media thinks of us? Let Ricky play. hes here to play football, not change our whole league/country. The Argos are sneaky. Plan and simple. They'e always done things like this. But you know what? Does it ever really pay off for them? i mean REALLY? like change the way everyone else plays them? No. Let ricky run and stop belli-aching. Im so sick and tired of this nonsense. Post something other than you opinions on something another team in our league does. Stay focused on the cats. Be positive and uplifghting. Have a nice day

That’s true. They signed the Rocket for boatloads of cash back in '91. And then they had Flutie on a 7-figure salary in '96-97.

And it’s not like they won the Grey Cup in those years.

… oh, wait a minute …

Wow, how did I miss this thread?

Anyways, I think most people are just sick of the Argos trying to buy a Grey Cup every year. They go against everything that our league stands for.....which I believe is "players that play for the love of the game." Make no mistake, Ricky is here for money. Where else was he going to bring in that kind of cash this year?....Nowhere.

I know I've heard that we're doing the same thing this year in regards to "buying" a championship, but the difference is that we are adding all kinds of talent to a formerly bad, low budget team. Also, we had all kinds of money to spend after some of the trades we made last year so it was evident what we were gonna do this off-season.

The difference with the Argos is that they always spend, spend, spend and just keep stockpiling players. They seem to cheapen the league (bending and breaking the rules, even the ones that aren't written but should be) with their actions on a regular basis and this move getting Ricky is a prime example.


  1. Because he is suspended for violating a drug policy for the fourth time in another league. (The best run league in the world mind you, and something that the CFL should aspire to be.)

  2. Because the Argos already have so many "Big Money" players on their team already it just doesn't make sense economically in comparison with the rest of the league.

  3. If there was an enforced salary cap they would be miles over it. (And yes I know there isn't one this year.)

  4. They seem to get accomodated by the CFL all the time. Even with this Ricky signing, every team in the league was forced to sign off in an agreement where he would return to the NFL next season. What kind of garbage is that? (And I'm not buying that this signing is for the greater good of the's for the greater good of the Argos first and foremost!)

  5. This is a hugh risk - low reward situation for the CFL. If Ricky destroys our league the reason will be because the CFL is "Bush-league" and we will look terrible. If he gets destroyed we still won't get the respect we deserve. There will be scapegoats....reasons why he didn't succeed....etc.

I'm as excited as the next guy to see Ricky play, but it just seems like the Argos always put themselves above the league. They do what they want, when they want and the Owner's around the league aren't united as they should be. This is evident with lacking league-wide policies, leaks to the media...etc.

Anyways, I think you hit the nail on the head Zontar in your first sentence...."When the Argos swing a big deal."....The problem is that this league doesn't have a level playing field and some of the complaints around here remind me of some of the complaints the Oilers fans had a few years ago. See what happens when there is a level playing field?

Exactly. Well put Ex-Pat.

Tonight Hamilton is going to kick Toronto's but and I don't care who they got on their team.

We have a good team in Hamilton and they are going to show it tonight.

Unfortuneatly I have to work but I am bringing my radio to work to listen to the game on 900 CHML. So just stop all the belly aching and cheer on our team.

Let's go Tiger Cats Eat Them Raw!!!!!!