Thanks ALOT Gerran Walker!

If this guy wouldn't have tried to to catch a ball that was 2 inches off the ground we might have been able to stay in this one, but our O just played like complete crap. I dunno i have faith, but it sucks watchin us play so bad.

your forgetting the safety he caused by not letting ball in endzone : :thdn:


This guy is bad on Special teams!

He has made horrible plays all season on Special teams!

He needs to come off special teams . . . Now! :thdn:

Well, it didn't help that the refs don't know the rules or that would have been called no-yards on that second kick since the guy who touched the ball next was past the kicker. Whatever, can't expect the referees for our national football league to know every little rule that may come up... It was only a swing of maybe 7-14 points, that wouldn't have made any difference.

also allowing the BC player to kick the ball but like you said the ref's dont know these "minor" penalties just their fav's like holding and PI

I think your'e allowed to kick the ball, but it was definitely no yards. Another missed call on no yards that cost us huge. It should have been a 15 yard penalty and Riders' ball.

Still, Walker stinks on ST. Correct that, the RIDERS stink on ST.

I just can't figure out why he consistently has negative yards from the point of catching the ball. He catches it, runs five yards backwards and gets hit!! Don't the coaches have something to say about this??

Kavis Reed is a wash as a special teams co-ordinator. The guy doesn't seem to have a clue about what he's doing. It was very foolish of Miller to release Casry McGahee! He was the first real return threat we've had for a long time. The injury to Rey Williams is a season changing one. Tillman needs to act now by signing Reggie Hunt to a ten game contract for the same wages Williams is getting. It won't affect the salary cap if Williams is on the nine game! Sending Dan Goodspeed to the Cats was a mistake because this o-line deperately needs the help of a quality lineman! For the second straight game Parenteau has taken a foolish penalty in the dying seconds of the game. If the Riders had managed to convert it would have been wiped out because of the penallty. Parenteau promised Miller after the Cagary game that it would never happen again. I guess he meant until the next game! It's time for this organization to get it's house in order and get serious about making a Grey Cup run!

you guys..

the play was considered a dribbled ball.. not a kick..

that's why it was legal.

Dude, check the game day thread. It doesn't matter if it was dribbled... the rule is the same. It should have been called no-yards and we should have gotten the ball.

Exactly. It was an OBVIOUS no yard penalty and the non-call cost us hugh both in the score and momentum. Absolute rubbish job by the officials.

ok, does anyone have footage showing #88 of the Lions being offside when the guy kicked it?

#88 wasn't the first to touch the ball, #45 (Jason Arakgi) was the first to touch it. He was clearly offside.

yup #45 was clearly offside the refs even threw the flag but said there was no infraction on the play. On a positive note the riders looked really good in the first half that pick by corey banks was unreal he jumped like 10 feet in the air to grab that lol. Im still not worried about the riders they are playing good football im worried about the play calling on both defence and offence and special teams GW looks horrible out there I think Stu Foord is their best option.

yeah I know #45 was offside, and it should have been Rider ball at that point.

but it's not No Yards.. you cannot have a no yards call on a dribbled ball.

but yup the refs messed up.

You're right, sorry, not no-yards, I keep saying that for some reason.

Get rid of him - he runs backwards more than forwards on returns. Surely we must have better talent for a returner. That last play at the end of the half was potenitally a 14 point swing in points - potentially the difference between us being in 1st place all by our lonesome or being tied with the other 2. We can't start using Dressler all the time because we need him fresh on offense - we need a legitimate returner - someone who is a threat to break one on any punt or kick-off.

They should put Charles in there as PR, he's just sittin around doing nothing anyways. Or at least use him and Cates as a one-two punch on the offence or SOMETHING, for god sakes!

Excellent point! I would take it a step further and say bring Justin Beaver off the parctise roster and put him and Charles both back there. They both have better than 4.5 speed and great upper body strength. They know how to run in traffic and if they get the timming of blocking for each other down they may have success. What have we got to lose?

you know..

it doesn't matter who they have back there on return, when your special teams doesn't block!

we haven't been able to get any decent gain on our kick and punt returns because nobody blocks the guys coming down the field!

if they somehow manage to get them to block, we might actually have some luck!