thanks again to the true BC fan

I work in the lower main land Monday – Friday, last Thursday 2 ideates tried to rip a Rider flag off my SUV when they couldn’t they burned it. I would like to give thanks again to the true BC fan that offered to pay for the Rider flag. He didn’t have to but in his own words were this is not what BC fans are like, and those two are an embarrassment; I agree with him 100%. Those two are an embarrassment to the city of Vancouver and the CFL in genera.
Warren Fulton

I can't stand the Riders but I would never do anything to destroy (or cause property damage) to someone else's stuff. There is nothing wrong with routing for your team but you should be aware that putting a rival flag on your vehicle is an open invitation for some idiot to wreck your things. Maybe try removing the flag when your're parked and waving it while driving? Sorry to hear about the misfourtune. Go Lions.

That I understand I just wanted to thank the true football fan.

well if you're a TRUE Riders fan you're pretty lucky they didn't try to touch your gunrack, cow feed or Corb Lund Band CD.

Sorry to hear that. Unfortunately those morons probably don't even care about the Lions and are just out causing trouble. They're likely of the same mentality as the ones who show up at events like the fireworks just to get drunk and ruin it for everyone else.

On behalf of Lion's fans, apologies to you. We're not all bad. :slight_smile:

Ok what kind of morons are running around destroying others property. And worse than that who is the idiot that blindsides a refree.. Then this weekend I read about an older couple who bought seasons tickets go to the game and after the game he gets beatup by some morons who he asks not to use foul lanquage around his wife, plus they rough her up as well. Who the heck are these people??? Obviously not Lions fans, as they probably were not attending the games when the attendance was low. Why don't they just stay home get drunk and beat each other up. Besides I am also sick of the drunk idiots on the skytrain after heading back home.. I am greatfull that I only have to put up with it for 2 stops. My daughter attends the games with me and I have had to ask some jerks to calm down the language.. do I have to start wondering if they will start something.. :x

I see the village idiots made an appearence. Too bad, they are not a real reflection of 95% of the true fans. Too bad they dont respect other peoples opinions and property!

I'll bet you become a victim in a lot of area's of your life, sir. If I went to Regina and the Lions had just kicked the Riders butts I'd put my BC Lions flag away out of respect for the riders fans.


I can't stand all the drunk idiots that show up to Lions games. BC Place really needs to step up and do something this problem.

You obviously do not know me Sir, one time dos not make a victim, as I said before I was parsing the true fan that felt those ideates were giving the Lions a bad name. They are the same people no mater where you go be it Regina Winnipeg, TO ect. Try to call them self-fans only when the team is wining and call for the head of the coach or QB when the team enter in to a slump.
If you are that, afraid of showing what team you support that is your choice Taking off you team colures and hiding them is one of a victim


Mr Fulton:

You're right. I don't know you. But I know your kind - don't I?


not to belittle the situation, but if i was walkin around Detroit after a hockey game in a Canucks jersey i'd probably be shot, or held up at least.

If you walked around Detriot after anything you'd be shot or held up AT LEAST.

Hey who is even mentioning the Canucks on this the BC Lions forum. This is football BABY!!! :rockin:

I walked around downtown Detroit after a Canucks game and my friend got spat on :cry:

There are idiots everywhere.