Thanks a bunch eh

I just wanted to say thanks to all of you. This forum (and my dog) has made this
Messed up year bearable for me. You all get a sincere thumbs up for tolerating my ramblings. Rivals quickly became friends, and I learned a lot.
Sadly this will be my last post,as i’ll be moving on, and I doubt there’s interweb where I’m going.
Enjoy the season.

Go Als


Enjoyed your posts Paul and will look for you at the games .

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This didn't raise any flags for anyone? Either this guys Movin to the jungle or a cave or there's something else going on. Something bad

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I dont know what to make of this, but I hope it is not worse case scenario. I hope you are not full of pain and in a bad place. If you are and you are up to talking about it, PM me and I promise confidentiality, otherwise, I wish you well.


You will be missed. Hope to hear from you in the future.

Best of luck.

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:broken_heart: :pray:
You will be missed

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You will be missed here and enjoyed your posts.

All the best

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Peace & Love to you
Go Al's ...... (the dark horse team not talked about)

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Salute, my virtual friend, I've enjoyed your input, comments & your sense of humor.
Be well take care :call_me_hand:

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Remember is a beach ball. Long may you run.


Really enjoyed your posts Paul, the forum will be a little sadder without your sense of humour. Hope all is well with you.


Thought I should update everyone concerning Paul .

Paul's brother emailed me and stated that Paul is recovering from an accident and is in the hospital and is okay .

I asked him to Let Paul know we are thinking of him and wish him
well .


Thank you, please wish him our best, looking forward to his next post♥️


all right then. good to know

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Appreciate the update, thank you.

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Hope he pulls through.

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Thank you for the update

Hope for a speedy recovery and he'll be back here soon


Wow! Thanks for finding this out and sharing because his farewell sounded awful!

And thank goodness he's healing up!

Well, I guess he goes on CFL Forum IR. It happens like we saw recently with one of our other long-time commenters.

He's eligible return at or before medical release at the hospital too.

I enjoyed his posts like many here. As I told him last week, I even like some of his crappy jokes too.

Alright, time to heal up Paul Sault Ste Marie, but take time with it, so you can return to the active game day roster here.

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That's what you call leaving with a bang!

Wait a second ...phrasing ...I know what you meant but I hope he's not gone too long and just on Forum Injured Reserve for a few weeks given all that comes with getting into such a serious (auto?) accident.

Is there anybody here who lives near Sault Sainte Marie ON or wherever he lives?