Thankgod the Hamilton Tigercats are a classy organization!!!

I got a friend who is seriously thinking of sueing the Hamilton Bulldogs Organization over its sloppy way they are treating his contract!Broken contracts, confusion, and what I hear just plain rude arrogant staff in their office asked him to sue them after asking for his tickets!Thank god we have Bob young here in Hamilton!Bob maybe you should buy that team too!Nahhh when I think about it, there is no hope for the bulldogs!

Well, without the specifics I can't comment on the Bulldogs but I admit that I have been very impressed with how the TiCats operate and communicate with the fans here, maybe unprecedented in the sports world today, I don't know.

Fact is your buddy wants to get his tix without paying. As a season ticket holder I applaud the Dogs saying no to this stiff. BTW your buddy also got himself banned (the first user banned in the history of the Bulldogs boards) for "slanderous" statements he made on the Bulldog site. I say good riddence actually. As for the front office staff of both teams, I'll take either one as being top notch.

How many do they get to their games again?Oh yah not much!I wonder why? Hmmmm.. maybe because nobody cares about them!People do care about the Ticats!

Want to give the full details, before slandering a respectable, well-run organization?

For the past 10 years the Bulldogs have outdrawn the Ticats more often than not

15000 X 10 = 150,000
4500 X 40 = 180,000

Nice try Box J

Last year
5000 X 40 = 200,000
25,000 X 10 = 250,000

Both teams draw similar numbers.

As much as I know my friend has been a season ticket holder for the past 10 seasons with the bulldogs.This beggining odf their season they said they lost his season ticket file and said he didnt exsist!Well to make a long story short the bulldog Organization has beeen making excuses and saying he wants free tickets when the truth in the last ten years He has never got anything free or wanted anything free!All he wanted was his season tickets which they messed up!

So, you’re saying they refuse to let him buy season tickets because they lost his file :S?

They only gave him some tickets and stuck him for the rest even after they had his money!He even said to them if they didnt like his deposit that please give his deposit back, and they made excuses and ofered a weird offer to pick tickets up during the season which was unheard of!

bulldogs??? are they still playing in hamilton?

And of course he has a reciept or cancelled cheque or visa statement to back his claim of payment.... Not

Yessiree. They won again tonight. Something the Cats haven't figured out how to do for about 2 years. I still go to the Cats games but its a lot more fun watching a team that actually has a good chance of giving you a win every game.

By matter of fact he has it right here right now for the cash he gave them!

But in the end they will lose like they always do!

So he's paid in full for all of the past seasons and all of this season as well. That does not jive with the info I have heard.

A fact is they want him to come back but he has had enough of your slanderish Bulldogs after 10 years of supporting that sad team!

If you want the real story, you have to talk to 2 horses mouth's, the sth and the ticket office.

Here's the part story I got from one of those horses mouth.

Deposit was paid.
sth failed to get notice for final payment and due date.
sth did not pay on time and then the troubles started for him.
Now, short of cash to pay the balance and blaming the Dogs for failing him, he tried to get his season ticket seat, to assure him of the same seat, and pay the Dogs on some sort of payment plan.
From what i understand the dogs gave him his seat for games to cover his deposit paid, but want the rest up front for the remainder of the season.

The dogs have tried to please sth, because after all they have 7500 unsold season ticket spots, but the fact is sth did not budget for his final payment and now cannot make the remaining payment in whole.

He blames his inability to come up with the money on the fact the dogs did not send him an invoice on time!! Something wrong with that picture??

STH is not a bad dude, just a confused dude.

pretty much the story I got too

Fact:Sth never got an invoice! and sth had to phone them for 5 monthes before someone answered the phone!
You see your slanderish stuff just doesnt add up fibber!