Thankgiving Football Summary

Nothing personal here. I was mostly cheering for the underdogs this past weekend. Well, except Ottawa, who really should have won that game but good performance by the Bombers. They deserved the win. I was 0 for 4 on my picks. Good think I don’t bet money on this stuff.

Football Fan’s Thanksgiving Lament(loosely based on “Casey at the Bat?)

The outlook wasn’t brilliant,
for the football four that week,
The stakes were high, the Grey Cup nigh,
Playoff-berths they did seek.

The Redblacks, Argos, Eskis, Als,
Faced mighty heavy odds,
The Bombers, Lions, Stamps and Riders:
All western football Gods,

But Robert, mighty Robert,
Could keep them all confined,
Applying the cosmic powers,
Of his telepathic mind.

The weekend started bad,
The Redblacks, they got beat.
And then the poor old Argos,
Were turned to Lions’ meat.

In Montreal, the mighty Stamps,
Faced off against the Als,
The Angry Birds put up a fight,
To the cheers of the Gallic gals,
But in the end,
the Birds got plucked,
it was in the cards,
their O-line sucked.

The Stubble-Jumping Riders,
Took on the Green and Gold:
Those hapless Eskimos,
With a losing streak so cold.
The Green and Gold,
looked set to send,
The Riders to the sticks,
But poor old QB Riley
Threw one too many picks.

There is no joy in Robert’s house
On this sunny Autumn day,
The cosmic powers of Robert’s mind
Were on a holiday.

With apologies all 'round to any and all professional scribes and aficionados of fine prose out there in CFL land. :wink:

Nice work!