Thank You

Hey Sully,

I just wanted to take time to say thanks to You and the entire CFL.CA staff(Max, Brodie, Davis, Marshall, James, Chris, Christine,Jeff, Writers, Johany, Photographers, Video Team, Graphics Team, Social Media Team, IT, and the countless other behind the scene members) for another wonderful season of bringing this great game and the people associated with it to life.
The website is getting better every year(I remember when the website was hosted by Canoe/Slam sports back in the late 90’s) and this crew is really raising the bar.Thumbs up to THE WAGGLE,#CFL THIS WEEK,Social Media,CFL COMBINE, and CFL WEEK coverage.

Quick note to Commissioner Ambrosie - you have good people, continue to give them the resources they need to shine.

Thanks and on to 2018.

Hey Sully,

I just wanted to take time to curse you and the entire CFL.CA staff for taking away the "Other" forum. It was soooo much fun. It is deeply missed.


Because Kev has his movie reviews all to himself now as the only off-topic forum allowed. Eye in the sky type stuff. :wink:

LOL. This is true.

Sully was kind enough to let me keep that - and I need to give credit where credit is due. :slight_smile:

Hey yeah ! I started a restaurant review thread back in off topic forum. Why didn't I get to keep that going ? I'm starting a petition, a protest and I'm calling my MP. ;D.........I think it's great that the movie thread is still here. Just wish we had that thumbs up sign.

I liked that thread too. Sadly it got drowned out by angry political discussion.

Well at least SOMEONE remembers. :cry:

???How do you go from restaurant reviews to politics? That's a huge leap. ???

Do you sit on the left side or the right side of a diner ? :wink: