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Just turned the game off after another ridiculous pass interference call by the command centre. A 30 year CFL fan who can not take it any more. Games should not be determined by inept replay officials. Duane Ford needs to get his eyes and head checked. Duane got hit in the head one to many times. Thank you I will not waste another second on this league. Good night and good bye.

Are you looking for sympathy? NOT

The call blew.


Just move on...I mean, you kept watching after the Speedy B TD callback in '14 ....

DRAMA!!!!!!!! :cry:

I thought the call was OK.

As did i. Certainly not worth giving up on 30 years of fandom.

yes he is looking for sympathy

Instead of attacking a fellow poster which is the most insightfull thing some of you are capable of, come up with solutions. The reality is people are abandoning this great league in droves. The numbers dont lie. The next tv contract will tell the tale.

Good idea. You go first.

ticky tacky call... touch football lets more go than these CFL donkey refs

I thought the call could have gone either way.
Not to say, the officiating is not terrible.
It’s our run defence, or lack thereof that cost the game.

Still in Ottawa, I'm reading Tim Baines' account of the game in the Sun. The long-time Ottawa sports writer is the father of receiver Mitchell Baines who played a couple games this season with the TiCats. Tim knows the game, played the game himself, and reports on the CFL from an Ottawa perspective.

He writes "The RedBlacks used their coach's challenge with 4:15 left in the first half, looking for a pass interference call on Cariel Brooks. And, they got the call. For what it's worth, it sure looked like a bad decision by the command centre. My eyeballs saw Spencer run right into Brooks."

That play happened right in front of where I sat, 10 rows up from the field. My eyeballs saw exactly what Baines' saw. Calling that DPI, IMO, would be like ruling "no yards" because a defender was 10 yds. from a punt returner catching a kick. It was closer to OPI than DPI. And, it was that call that brought about a very noticeable change in players, around both benches, and momentum reversed.
My eyeballs also, incidentally, saw a pretty bad night on the field for Brooks. But, not on that play.

Thanks for posting ottawacat.
I am hopeful that our new Commish is going to go into that Command Center and kick their geriatric
useless Butts out!
The Official on the field should have input on the call or non-call in this case as to why in his judgment he let that incidental contact slide. It's a judgment call by the ref, the Command Center never takes that into consideration and they should

I think this was in reference to those attacking the poster.


Going to replay review for illegal contact and interference penalties was a big mistake. Too often incidental contact is being ruled a penalty by the command centre and the delays while the reviews are happening and the fishing expeditions by coaches on the illegal contact stuff are becoming a bit ridiculous.

I watched multiple NCAA and NFL games this weekend and saw probably 20+ plays that the announcers were calling good coverage or good defensive plays that the ticky tack command centre in the CFL would probably rule as illegal contact.

To me it is taking away from the game.

I agree Travel Pat let the Field Official make his judgement call, And if challenged let the ref see the play on the screen like this and use his judgement.
Doesn't take any time at all!
Why is it the coaches in the booth get instant video feedback and the players on the bench get instant video feedback, but the Officials on the field are not allowed to use instant video feedback?? :o

Here is a picture of the TSN control room.

Here is the CFL Command Center