thank you

Well, i just wanted to thank you guys for letting me see the greatest grey cup game ive ever seen... or will probably ever see. You guys played with so much heart and desire and this game couldve went either way.... but most of all, thank you for letting us win our 13th grey cup!!!!

ps. this grey cup rivalry is the greatest in the cfl. you guys rock. J'veux m'excuser en avance à ceux qui sont allé à la joute car je sais qu'il y avait du monde qui huait pendant l'O canada en français. J'était l'a en 2002 et j'ai quasiment donner une volé à un des gars. MERCI ENCORE ET J'ESPÈRE VOUS REVOIR L'ANNÉE PROCHAINE!!!!! VIVE LA LCF

A,C, Astonishing performance! Under the circumstances, "I would have done the same thing" And be-the-way, you guys didn't give us anything we played with concentration and focus throughout the entire game. "twas a battle"