As some you know I've run into Tough Spot Money wise due to Slow Economy
I did not think .. be be going to The playoff Game this sunday .
Thanks to someone out there they brought me my playoff Ticket .

They have no Idea what they done for me
Thank you so much .. You have no idea what this means to me
I am humbled and thankfull for what you did for me .

After years of Waiting for a Home playoff Game knowing I could not go was hurting me so bad.
This is what Tigertown is Fans helping Fans .
Thank you who ever you are ..

Im glad your going to the Game Tom i hope everyone has the opportunity to go to this game .Good for you :thup:
We might not agree to much on alot of post's but Man oh Man everyone Should be involved in this Game atmosphere .
I purchased 6 tickets threw season tickets package myself and taking 3 others that are not huge Football fans but im trying my hardest to do my part .. Obliviously someone else out here is doing there part to bring the Noise to IWS Sunday ...

That’s great to hear, Tom. I know you’ve put a lot of effort into following this team and I’m glad you’re going to be
there to see us win our first playoff game in a very long time.

Although I disagree with some of the things you've said and done in the past, I'm glad you get to go to the playoff game, Onknight. I know it means the world to you. Just remember one thing. NEVER turn your back on the Tiger-Cats no matter how bad things may get.

Well said, MP.

I know some fan have Distaste for my Point of view .
But I was born a Ticat Fan and I'll die one.

That was a very nice thing done by someone who probably realizes it is better to give then receive. It's good to know you'll be there Tom.

Don’t worry about it On, I think we all distaste each other a bit from time to time with our opinions and thoughts, hey reading my posts I’d say I’d call myself a real goof from some things I’ve said or more accurately how I’ve said stuff.


Enjoy the game!

Enjoy the game

Let Kick some Lion Tail now :slight_smile: :thup:

What a great gesture from a great fan :thup: Glad your going to the game Tom!!

That's what im talking about ....Its going to be crazy goose bumps are already setting in ..

I'm glad you have a supporter out there some where, Tom. Being the devout Ticat fan you are and given your love of the game, you deserve the best!

I hope your financial ship comes in soon! :rockin:

I am Saterday Spec.. They Posted a Story on Page S4

All the best buddy enjoy the game :thup:

How does one go about doing this? Since I can’t go, I was thinking about buying a ticket or two for somebody, but I have no idea how I’d get the ticket(s) to him/her/it/them.

I saw the article in the Spectator, Tom. A strong team supporter like you deserves to go to the game.

God bless you and God bless your benefactor.

Oskie Wee Wee!

Just call a Rep and Buy two Tickets and Ask them to Send them to a Charity like the Boys and Girls Club of Hamilton.

Here a Dream we all Want a soild out stadium ... Buy a Ticket Feed The Cats..