Thank You

Well, I know we still got 1 to go but I just wanted to send a Thank You to my team. It's been year of ups & downs again, but I'm here for life.

Let's stay positive for '09 and hope that great things are just around the corner :rockin:

I'll be in Montreal for the Grey Cup and would love to meet other Forum members if you're around.



Well said 72er. Full agreement. Best wishes for the off-season and best of luck next year to Marcel and the team.

My thanks to the team as well. My wish for them this year was to be competitve and that they were (the blowouts excepted). :thup:

The Cats had a chance to win at least 4 or 5 games (lost to Sask by a total of 6 points, lost to Edm by a total of 10 points aswell as th losses to Toronto and Winnipeg). :thup:

I too am looking forward to Montreal...Whoo Hoo :rockin: :rockin:

If they manage to win some of the games they finish close in and make a few pertinent changes, they'll be a contender next year.

I not thanking one player ..
They should thanking me and every one of us who came out to watch this so called team
We got lucky just to have win 3
same as Last year. there was very little improvement (in My Mind Improvement is Wins Nothing else)
What is next 1 win next year

it always takes one to ruin a good positive thread..
give it a rest whiner..go cry on you tube!


Haha... I'll be there next year for sure.

BTW: Onknight? Did you wear your Calgary jersey to Friday's game?

I enjoyed the year...mind you not as much as if we had won a few more...BUT I GOT WHAT I CAME FOR...for the most part! I see lots to be happy about! :thup: :thup:

The team is headed in the right direction and todays appointment of Marcel as Head Coach is another good move! :thup: :thup:

I too am looking forward to this years party in Montreal! :rockin:

I'll be in Calgary next year as well for the GC and hopefully the Ticats will be representing the East! :smiley:

To wax a little philosophical I want to thank the team and the owner for giving me the opportunity to spend 4 great nights with my 10 year old son at Ivor Wynne this year. We did not win any of those nights and that sure would have been great but I would not trade them for anything. I say thanks Bob Young, the Cats fans who showed up, the team and even the site. With people loosing real things like jobs and retirement investments a football game spent with your son, a spouse, or a few friends makes it great to be Canadian. Let me also thank everyone who voted for my favourite Ti-Cat memory. I made 4 great memorable nights this year.
Thanks everyone and felicitations Marcel!

I understand the fans job is to pay thier ticket support the team and show up! If they desearve to be cheered you do! If you cheer everyone who does not deserve it you will have some player who wont care! I know this team is building and they are very close to it and still need a couple more things to get it right then I will show more thankfull! :wink:

I too would obviously like to see more wins.

However at the very least I'd like to thank the team for giving me the opportunity to enjoy CFL football with my fantastic friends and fellow supporters of this club.

Tough year again I know...but staying positive has to be better than the alternative.

Keep the faith folks...hope to see some of you in Montreal at GC.