Thank you Zach Collaros

I wanted to start a thread where people can show some support for Zach Collaros at this very difficult time.

Thanks for giving Tiger-Cats fans some of the most exciting football in recent memory. It was great watching you play this year, and seeing you get better and better as time went on. We all know you've become the best quarterback in the CFL, and that our team - when fully healthy - is almost unbeatable.

As disappointing as it is for fans to see this happen, we realize it's 100 times more disappointing for you. Best of luck with the rehab process. We're all pulling for you, and waiting for you to get back on the field next year and pick up where you left off.

Meanwhile - GO CATS! It just got a little harder, but we can still win this thing!

great thread idea

I <3 Zack Attack

Thank for bringing respectability to Hamilton Football Zach

Get well

Thanks Zach, take care of yourself, see you next spring. :cry: :thup:

Best of luck Zach!

I really enjoyed watching you play this year and look forward to seeing you play again next year.

:thup: :thup: :thup:

Thanks Zack for providing a tremendous amount of excitement and toughness during this season. Be aware my
grandson wears your number on his high school football jersey. Get well soon and we are looking forward to
meeting you again in person.

Go get some rest, you've earned it! Thanks for the great season.

Thanks Zach for some exciting action this season and that why you were tops in the CFL in many QB categories.

Take the time to get your knee repaired, get healed, get healthy and get back at it again, like Tom Brady and others who have suffered this injury and overcame it, you have many great moments left in your football career!

Hope that you rest up and shift over to coaching on the sidelines for the balance of the year, your positive influence and winning style will be needed down the stretch with the team.


A message from Zach

There was good chance that Zach Collaros would have been named the league's MOP if it were not for this injury. I would say that he's not just the league's best QB. He's the league's best player. I believe I can say this was the first time we've seen this team led by a player who was truly MOP material since 1999.

It has been great to see a QB do this well for the team. And I was looking to forward to by entertained by seeing more seasons of him doing as well as he did. Unfortunately, we'll have to wait far too long before seeing him play again.

I certainly don't envy the QB who must fill Zach's very large shoes. But what may be the best way for this team to move forward is to find ways to win for him.

Please recover as soon as possible, Zach. I can't wait to see you out there on the field again, leading this team to wins as you prove that you're the best.

All the best Zack, get well soon! Please mentor Matthews to the best of your abilities.
We still got this!! Oskee wee wee!!!

I never like to see any player get hurt. The Ti-cat organization has worked hard to bring together a quality group of players. I wish Zach all the best and look forward to his return next year, so we can compete with the Ti-cat organization once again for the Grey Cup.


Thanks MrLucky :slight_smile: I've always thought that the Stampeder fans and organization and HC are nothing but 1rst class and this post proves it :thup: Besides ya never know.....Our two teams still might be competing in the Grey Cup this year even without unfortunately Zach being behind center in the big game. I think that with a healthy Collaros back next season that this team will win a few Cups before Zach hangs them up for good and I'm pretty sure in the very near future that we will once again see a Collaros led Cats against a Mitchell led Stamps in the Grey Cup game. :rockin:


Zach hope you can get Surgery ASAP and wish you a speedy recovery , all the best :thup:

Good one ED :thup: :thup:

Thank you, I occasionally come up with a good idea. I've done nothing but obsess over this since I watched him go down at the game on Saturday. Zach has come to mean so much to this team and this community in such a short time he's been here that we need a rallying cry and give back to him...

Zach it has truly been exciting watching you play and develop into a #1 QB this season. Your love and enthusiasm for the game have been contagious for those around you and I know that your presence on the field will be missed greatly by your team mates, although I'm sure you will continue to cheer them on from the sidelines whenever possible. You know that those still on the field will be playing hard to keep on winning and achieving the goal of bringing the Grey Cup to Hamilton.

Now you need to attack this injury like you have learned to attack opposing defense and work hard to return so that we can continue to enjoy your great play on the field again in 2016. I wish you all the very best as you undergo surgery and deal with the difficult process of rehab. You will be in the hearts and minds of your coaches, team mates and the fans in the weeks and months ahead. Remember that when the going gets rough. We know you'll be back better than ever and ready to make a run for a Grey Cup again next year.

Nicely done Doctor Evil :thup: :smiley: It looks friggin' awesome, absolutely LOVE IT !!!! I couldn't have done better myself :smiley: maybe you should place it up somewhere nice like perhaps on the Als forum board. :wink: I'm sure that the Stooges would appreciate it :lol: :cowboy:

Just saw that pic now, but I've been using #win4Zach as a hashtag on twitter all day.