Thank You Wayne Smith

A shout out to Wayne to say Thank you for your years of service as a Ticat! You always had time for the fans! All the best in the future to you!

I'd like to thank him and wish him all the best as well.

Always liked Wayne and was disappointed when we traded him to Skatch, hard luck with injuries. Good luck to you Wayne Smith. :thup: :frowning:

Good luck Wayne! You are talented and versatile player. You will be a fine asset for some team.

I am very appreciative of the top quality of play you gave the Ticats in both your stints here.


Now that teams are sticking to the salary cap It sure is making it tough for veterans

Traditionally, there is less age discrimination towards O-linemen so at 32,
Wayne Smith should get picked up unless he has serious medical issues.

It will be tough for the great running backs released to get picked up
because there are hardly any roster spots for running backs available.