Thank you Uzooma Okeke

Uzooma, thanks for all your great efforts on and off the field in the community. I hope the next stop in your life whatever that may be will reward you and your family to your heart's desire.

The life of a linesman....This is one guy who deserves a thank you...

Take care


I'd like to thank Uz also.

I'm 18 years old, but 2 years ago, I attended 2 consecutive Montreal Alouette junior camps. Uzooma Okeke was there both times, encouraging, teaching and having a good time with the kids.

I would like to thank him, for taking time out of his off-season, to be with us, and to teach us what got him far.

Not only what he has done for me, but what he has done for the community. You look at the Alouettes, and their fundraisers and stuff like that, Uzooma Okeke is on the list of participants.

Lastly, thak you so much for putting on the Als uniform, and working hard hard hard. Even when he got benched, he knew it was for the best for the team, and he kept his head up with a great attitude.

I hope he gets to play again, if not, I hope he stays with the Als, and takes the front office job he was offered.

Thanks for being a great ambassador to the game, and for being a great role model to all the kids like me who have hopes of playing in the CFL and NFL one day.

Good luck, Uz! All the best. You were one of the best O-linemen in the league for many years.