Thank you, TSN!!!


I've never been so happy to be continually bombarded with coverage of a single event :slight_smile:

All the mini-docs about Canadian football were fantastic. I was late for my Grey Cup party, but I still didn't want to leave the TV. There was a great one about all the new Canadians (asian, indian, middle-eastern, and african descent) starting to play and excel in the game in Montreal and Toronto. Also the one about the train-load of Calgarians who turned Toronto on its head, busting into square-dances in the middle of Union Station, interrupted the Toronto Stock Exchange, and even rode a horse through the lobby of the Royal York Hotel.

Great, great, great stuff. It wasn't just the amount of attention, it was the quality. The type of coverage we got this week was the EXPENSIVE kind of coverage, not just hour after hour of the same talking heads rehatching the same old stuff.

Bravo, TSN! A big thank you from all the true fans of Canadian football! Can't wait 'til next season!

i agree. great packages they produced for todays broadcast. they year in review for the teams was super slick and the chat with ex roughrider kicker dave ridgway was interesting. and as mentioned i loved the story about the stamp fans invading toronto. excellent! now just get the GC on CTV already.

Yeah great year.
Football is done for me this year.
Though I might watch a few minutes of the Super Bowl.
CFL forever baby!

As much as people bitch and people like me want a pre-game to playoff games, TSN DID AWESOME!

Thanks to the panel a lot, keep CFL alive on Sportcentre during the break.

Grey Cup coverage was over-the-top awesome 5 hours pregame, and all was good!

Thanks for buying into a product you REALLY believe in, cheers to higher ratings next year.

The pre-game show was awesome. It wasn't just filled with fluff pieces but interesting pieces and commentary. The post-game show was also quite extensive - which surprised me. Congrats TSN - keep it up - looking forward to next year.

Bravo, TSN!!!

What a great season & what amazing Grey Cup coverage! TSN has outdone themselves & every other sports broadcast I have ever seen. The game itself wasn't too shabby either. Congrats Als!!!

It was awesome for sure, loved it. Man it must have peeved off the CFL and Grey Cup haters in this country if they did tune it at all to watch some of it! Beauty! :thup:


I totally agree! I usually ignore over hyped pregames, but this time I left the TV on. I was in the kitchen preparing "Appy's" and I thought one of the Grand kids changed channels and I was listening to the NFL network. I heard the narrator (Thought it was Steve Sabol from NFL) and lo and behold it was about the CFL.

I turned the sound up, dragged what I could to the living room to watch as much as I could, (Didn't lose a finger in the process) and enjoyed the pregame show.

Terrific job TSN! :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup:

Agreed, the coverage this weekend was great.

This is the upside to going fully in with TSN rather then spread the games around. You wouldn't get this wall to wall weekend on CBC.

They looped much of the pregame hype stuff at the Lions Den on saturday. The Top 10 lists, interviews etc... Times like this I wish I could be at home where I could actually hear it but naaaaa, the parties are better!

TSN's Grey Cup Saturday was awesome. I was a little disappointed with the Sunday pre-game show. Too much NHL highlights and not enough time spent with the Panel. I really like that Farhan Laljay on TSN you can tell the guy coaches football as a hobby. Sara Orlesky is cute too. Brian Williams takes his job a little too serious.

Ya if was a fun weekend on TSN to watch a bunch of football related stuff.

Now I wonder what TSN's top ten will about tonite,wacky sports finishes,last second heartbreaks,or the top ten reasons why the Leafs will make the playoffs this year. :lol:

Hockey will take full swing come late February when I really get into it, hopefully the team I cheer for the most the Habs will do something. I'll get into some NFL stuff now though especially come playoff time and Olympics this year with hockey and the skiing event, like that. I can't watch basketball much though, like playing it for fun but not into watching it. Just doesn't have it for me.