Hi Everyone,

Just to say what a great time ae had at the GREY CUP FINAL 7 of us came over 3 from France (Inc the Ex french national rugby league coach jacques jorda) and 3 from the UK inc my missus who is from moscow.

From the players party up the CN Tower on Friday evening the pre match tailgate party and the match itself everything was very well organised by the CFL.

Just one comment i think that its possible to speed up some of the time outs a bit and i would love to see you revert to the Rugby League and Rugby Union touchdozn rule of having to groud the football on a running play.

Apart from that

spot on



I think the spike should be mandatory.

Glad you had a great time.

The time outs you are referring to are probably for the TV commercials. Not much fun when you’re at the game, but they help pay the bills. Still not as many time outs in the CFL compared to the NFL.

Don’t know about touching the football down on a running play, we let the officials do that. Its where the ball carrier’s knee touches down unless, the ball carrier can touch the ball down first. Pretty risky as the ball will, in most cases, get knocked loose causing a change of posession.


What i mean by running touchdown is say when a player runs through to touchdown (Not a forward caught pass) the football has to be grounded (Even just for a split second thats OK) it would add to the excitment in Rugby League if the ref thinks there is doubt he goes to the video ref on the big screen the crowd love it sometimes they see it was grounded other times a fumble sometimes its shown from 4/5 differnt TV angles.

I understand that on a say a 1 yard simple break the plane play that its not possible however it would be a great rule for a running play from lets say anything over 10m.

Also the kick is rewarded by being taken from a direct line where the football touched down ie is you put it under the sticks its a simple kick in the corner more difficult.


AC, how much CFL coverage can you get where you are? I assume you just follow it online?

I scored a few tries when I played flanker and wing in high school and exhibition. 8)

[quote="CRFadmin"]AC, how much CFL coverage can you get where you are? I assume you just follow it online?[/quote

I did watch the Argos Semi on-line from my apartment in London however most of the time i live in Perpignan on the border between France and Spain the CFL is shown on SETENTA SPORTS Irish sports TV company and the NASN usually one weekend match on a Monday or Tuesday evening around 12 midnight although i am sure i saw that they were doing the Semis and Final LIVE however i was in London for the semis (No dish there) and in TORONTO for the Final.


Glad you had a good time anglais, time outs are just something we have to deal with unfortunately.