thank you to the riders and the bombers road to the cup!?!

i am no back into the real world and have internet access again. thank you riders for the pleasent surprise of 5 straight losses. i couldn’t be happier. actually i would be happier if we could of beat cgy and ham and brown wasn’t injured… and rust was back… but your losing streak has definently softened the blow.

as it now stands i would say the bombers only chance at making the playoffs lies in edm kicking some stampeder @ss with a three game season series sweep. sask- you have a tough second half and you’re not ready to handle it. montreal has an easy second half and ottawa soso which means no crossover this year. wpg needs to win at least five of its remaining games which means we must sweep the riders and beat cgy. we need also need to get two more likely from ott and maybe one from bcor to. i don’t think montreal will give us another w. if only we had beat cgy one more time i would feel much more comfortable. oh well, we will just have to get there the hard way.
then we just need to pull off a miracle win in edm and take two in a row at the dome. :shock:
no one said winning the cup would be a simple task.

Man... you are two wins away from second place in the West, and there are 8 games remaining for the Bombers. Have faith. I think your team will fail miserably and miss the playoffs again, but... you should have faith.

..don't count your chickens yet, I have faith my Riders will turn it around and at least make a playoff spot (is that called blind faith). Anyway, the series will undoubtably tell the tale. Good luck to your team, but......GO RIDERS!!!!

i have faith that we will make a good run at it but it will be tough. we are three wins out of being tied for second and we need edm to be beating cgy so that puts 2nd place pretty much out of reach for this year. i do think we can make 3rd place yet and squeak into the playoffs which is saying alot for a team that starts 1-6. had we beat cgy earlier this year i would feel quite good about making the playoffs. now will are in for a dogfight. if cgy could win the cup in 01 we should be able to do it this year. heres a good thought. if edm and cgy would agree to tie all of their games 2nd place could become available.... no i would prefer an edm sweep and try our luck on the grass.

it's a stretch blackdale but stranger things have happened in the CFL.....hopefully Bombers play their A game and finish off the Riders ...they have the talent on offence's just that the Def. has to come back to the level of play they had earlier...if that happens ...should be interesting.... :arrow:

green fan, this series will tell a story, either we sweep you and make the playoffs or cgy should get it unless they really give it away. they killed you guys earlier and so it will be tough to outscore them even if you manage to split the series. hold on to your self deception. it makes the season more exciting but i just don't think you will pull off a playoff game this year. sweeping us would help your cause though. i won't say good luck because i wish you no luck at all, except for your cgy game you can win that one. cgy should be easily able to pull off four wins in the second half which means we both need 5w and a t to pass them. for us it is possible for you and your schedule it would be very impressive.

Papazoola & Blackdale…If you really want your Bombers to win, write Danny Barrett and tell him how great Nealon is…Then you’ll sweep your series! LOL

nealon is not the only problem here in saskatchewan, i feel bad for the guy. but on the bright side people aren't talking about macallum much lately.

if our d shows up we should sweep the series if not it will go one and one

good suggestion Sportsmen.....we are hoping Nealon is in there.....Crandel gave us a little trouble in the past...but I don't see Danny switching.....ya never know though....they are now in our mode .....desperate... :shock:

Our stick shift has been stuck in Desperate for as long as I can remember. I really can't remember a game that we could afford to lose, ever

Yeah, I understand desperate...Practically wore out my paperback in the late 90's.

Yeah, this is probably the most important back to back series for both teams.

I think Winnipeg is good, but not playoff-good. And I don't get why people keep discounting the Stamps. The Stamps should be able to beat out Winnipeg, easily. And I keep expecting the Riders to turn it around ... (but if they don't, I'm still happy!)

Can any one tell me which team lost to Hamilton this year I must of missed a game. Blackdale can you help me out!

ah sportsmen never do you disappoint!

Why, redwhite, I do believe I can help you out ... I know you wanted blackdale to, but he might not get around to it so I hope you don't mind me barging in ... Now, I am pretty sure it was Winnipeg who lost to Hamilton ... Someone may want to double-check that, I wouldn't want to be getting my facts wrong! I also seem to recall Hamilton was 0-8 at one point this season. Hmm, I guess they're not a very good football team ... oh well, they had to win sometime, hmmm? Also, what's this about "beating Calgary one more time"? Last I checked, Calgary beat Winnipeg both times they played ... 'twas rather sound the second time through, too ... Just 'cuz Winnipeg was on a 2-game winning streak doesn't make them Kings of the CFL ... and if you want to get past Calgary, you'll have to do it outright on points ... since the Stamps hold the tiebreaker!

and I QUOTE......."as it now stands i would say the bombers only chance at making the playoffs lies in edm kicking some stampeder @ss with a three game season series sweep".
Is it me? or is there something wrong when you start to figure out which teams need to lose so you can make the playoffs.... LMAO!!!

Very true but I am glad blackdale and pigseye have not given up on their team. Good on them! I was trying to bug blackdael but you helped and I am sure he would just tell me it does not bother him. I did see this new receiver the stamps brought in and he looks pretty good.

the riders and the bombers are going to split the games each winning at home.....................and therer going to be UGLY wins

A win is a win. Right now the riders do not care as long as they get a win.