Thank you to the 2010 Tigercats

I am heartbroken by that loss, but wanted to take the time to say thank you to our 2010 Ticats. To all those guys who gave their all and played their hearts out I offer my sincere thanks.

To those who will not be back next year by choice or by necessity, I wish you all the best and thank you for your contributions on and off the field. We have had some great community-minded players on the team and it is great to see. If Otis has played his last game as a Ticat, I want to thank him for his performance and his attitude. Great guy and he brought back a toughness that we have been lacking. I will miss him greatly.

Their best may not have been enough this year, but for those returning, I look forward to an even more successful 2011 season.

Thanks and all the best.

Thanks and it's not your fault guys.MB just isn't up for the job.Hang around and let Obie do his thing and things will get better.Count on it.First MB and Mike Gibson need to go or we go nowhere.Mind you that's just step 1.

There is always one, this thread was to THANK the Ti-Cats not to lay blame, there are enough of those Threads now!
I personally would like to thank the players, coach,s training staff, Scouts, all the people that work the sidelines in practices that we dont see at games, to Hot Rod and Drew thanks for keeping are players with what they needed, Thanks to Dylan Atack who day after day was there do to what ever he could! Thanks to Gary for all you did at the practices for the team.
This team always went above and beyond when it came to there fans, if you attended practices you would know what I mean!
Thanks to Mr. O'BILLOVICH! Thanks to Scott Michell and the man Mr. Bob Young! Also thanks to Scott and Shawn for keeping us fans inline when we oversteped our boundies!
Sorry if I missed anybody!!
I look forword in seeing you all in 2011 at camp.
I have been there everyday since camp started this year and im truly going to miss you guys. YOUR THE BEST!
Take care in the off season!
Oskee Wee Wee!!!


Thanks to the Ticats and Bob Young.

Another great year to have both of you around.



Thanks to the fans too...

Without you there would not be a team.


9 and 9 and a playoff appearance in the past two years.
Great job Tiger-Cats and thank you Bob for everything you've done to try and make this team viable and to enhance Hamilton.
One request Ticats players and coaching staff, next year seal the deal like you can! :rockin:

Special thanks to all, you gave your best. Better luck next yr guys!


Couldn't agree more, great job boys!

It was a disappointing loss and a disappointing end to the season. But I'm sure that those who will be back in 2011 understand that. Everyone involved in making this team a better one in 2011 must have that in mind, and work toward having a winning team.

Consecutive .500 seasons and early playoff exits may not be considered very impressive. But still, it is quite an improvement over what we had in the years leading up to those two seasons.

Yes, sadly that is true there is. I echo this post 100%

Also thanks to Scott and Shawn for keeping us fans inline when we oversteped our boundies!

And let me name those that need to be put in line starting with...
ok, I won't. :wink:

Guess there's always more than one. Save your whining for a different thread.

Thanks to everyone associated with the team from the Caretaker on down. I've already renewed & will be in Box C again next year cheering you on.

I know this is a tough pill to swallow, but I remember an even more disheartening loss in 1998 & what happened the following year.

Renewed no probs at all. This is our team, Hamilton and area's team. Hey, great to see NFL jerseys at the game, and NFL license plates in Hamilton and people wearing NFL stuff, heck I have a Vikings t shirt and toque, but no one in Hamilton can go to a game in Hamilton with Tennesee,Dallas, Buffalo, Pittsburgh etc. The TigerCats are OUR team! :thup: LIVE that is.

BTW, good on people wearing NFL jerseys and stuff at TiCats games, reaffirms to me you can't watch live NFL in Hamilton. Enough said, love the support though! :wink:
Have to admit, if I'm that much of a football fan to go to a TiCats game or CFL game and wear NFL stuff, man, buy something from the CFL team in your area, or at least wear something of both that I do see and respect more than people just wearing NFL or NCAA stuff at CFL games.

Have to admit, I laugh at people at TiCat games that have nothing TiCats but just NFL or NCAA, stay away and save your money, you look like friggin imbeciles in my books people.

I liked the title of this thread.

Thanks 'Cats for an exciting season. I could lament how it ended, but I think every fan hopes for a Championship run every year... Then again, that's they play and why we watch, to win.

I'm already looking forward to 2011, and watching a receiving corps deep in talent at each position benifet from a whole training camp and season together (Bauman especially finished 2010 looking like the up-and-comer I've always said he is). We've got 5 guys that have proven they are a threat from anywhere on the field at reciever.

Our defence as a unit finished an adverse year with smashmouth style, and brought back the grittyness that I've always identified with in the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. We are an intense, and hard hitting defence, that's a danger to forcing turn-overs. I can't wait to see this unit play together next year, and I'm especially proud that we have 4 starting calibre players in Kirk, Reid, Hinds, and Barker.

Canadian talent is represented all over this team, and they do one hell of a job. Thanks boys.

I'd like to point out another (sub) unit that many overlook or completely fail to recognize for their excellent play and contributions, special teams, and specificly our coverguys on Kick, and Punt teams. The last third of the season especially these players really blew me away in how well they executed their assignments. Getting down field FAST, staying int thier lanes, keeping containment, and minimizing both return yardage, and penalties for no-yards. Names that come to mind, Matechuck(big big peice of our ST's, not only long-snapping, but getting downfeild and making tackles), Beswick, Marius, Y. Carter, Barrenechea, I. Brown.

yeah, so, thank you 2010 Tiger-Cats, I had a hell of a lot of fun rooting for you!

Thanks, team - players, coaches, management, Caretaker. This was one of the most entertaining and exciting seasons we've had in many years. Sad way to go out, but the talent and drive is there to succeed next year. I'm already looking forward to it.

And thanks to the fans for making it possible to keep the team going. And for keeping it alive for me through your comments on this forum. That's definitely made it even more fun for me. We may not always (ever?) agree, but maybe we all learn a few things?

(And thanks specifically to Banshee for starting this thread. After all the negative talk in other threads, I like this one.)