Thank you to the 2010 Ticat Fans.

Thanks to each and every one of you who bought a season tickets, bought a ticket, or bought anything from the Ticat Store. The Hamilton Tiger-Cat Football Club would not exist without you.

As Obie says, better is better, and it is clear that we have to become better than we were today. The goal for next year can be nothing less than avoiding these disappointing semi-finals, by not playing in them. When we finish first in the East we'll get to proceed directly to the Eastern Final.

Thanks again.

Cheers Bob.

Thank you for another season of football, Bob. Without you we'd all have been doing something else this afternoon.

Can the goal be to win the Grey Cup again?

your welcome bob and thank you for being a great owner with lots of passion.

i think the last 3 weeks on the field mirrored the whole stadium issue off the field this past year.

i hope (& pray) that both the stadium and the on field product will be all sorted out next year, where all we have to worry about is dethroning montreal for 1st in the east. :smiley:

thank you Mr. Young!

Looking forward to 2011 already! We need revenge!

I am in shock still!

No problem Bob. And thank Obie for Sandro DeAngelis for me.

Caretaker: Thanks.


Caretaker, THANK YOU! You are the reason we have a team to root for.

Your welcome ... the 3 games I went to this year entertained my fmily and friends and myself ... hopefully soon no more wooden benches and that doesn't mean aluminum benches either ha ha

Thank you, Bob.

“First Place in 2011: nothing less !” Let’s do it!


And he's been working toward ensuring we'll continue to have a team.

It was good to hear him say that we need to improve on this. As I have said before, we want a winning team.

I don't live near Hamilton, but I'll see if I can make it to at least one game next year.

No, thank you Bob!Anyone else would've just given up and let the team fold or move.
P.S. Bob, tell Obie to do a little late Christmas shopping in Free Agency this year, maybe Santa can bring us a shut down corner or two :wink:

Yes, indeed, thanks to you Bob for allowing everyone the opportunity to take in great Canadiana sports history right here in Hamilton, going to games is a great outing for us and we really enjoy it and yes, getting 1st in the East soon will be advantageous.
This team looks great with a few tweaks here and there and without your ownership, as others have said, we wouldn't be able to enjoy a team right here in Hamilton. :thup:

I am eternally grateful to you Mr Young for rescuing the Tiger Cats in 2004.

I consider the money I spend, buying some Tiger Cat merchandise
and seasons tickets to come to games, money extremely well spent.

Thank you Bob, for providing the fans another year of Ticat football.

Thank you Ticats, for playing with intensity and giving us excitement and entertainment.

Thank you, members, for your thoughts, perspectives and ideas all season long.

Looking forward to a great year and better results in 2011.

Have a good winter everyone.

Captain, You are right, winning the Grey Cup is -the- goal. My note should have read: -a- goal is to finish first.

(I'm still in shock...)

Try St Remy brandy.

Works for me.

I think. :wink:

Wanna feel a little better? Listen to Stevie Baggs in post game interviews. That works for me too.

Thank you very much Mr. Young for a great season, and thank you very much for still sticking with this unruly bunch in Hamilton.

See you next season

As fans, we owe much gratitude to you, Bob. Thanks for all that you have done for this storied franchise.

I like the idea of a first place finish and grey cup win for next season. Lets hold that thought.

Good luck in securing a new stadium. Its truly time!