see what a win will do? a lot of fans have stuck by this team for years and deserve hope.
the hope is in the improvement that one can see.that's if you watched the game tonight.

WE played better and Winnipeg played worse. I’m not buying playoff tickets just yet but at least the game wasn’t thrown away at the end although Jason and the Olineman ( can’t remember who it was) sure tried to

You're welcome.. I'd do it all over again given the opportunity... hopefully we won't need to... this is IMO a swing on the upward side, I see a few wins streak on the horizon!!

BTW.. Thank You!!

as long as we play better each week and that's all ive ever asked. i'm looking at the picture that by november we are in the playoff picture and could do some damage because of our improvement and because of the rest of the east isn't much better and could be had. realistically we could actually be 3-3.

Ti-Cats didn't play better as much as they minimized their mistakes.

Still improving.

2 games behind second place.

12 games to go.

something to go on just like last week and the week before that.
a young defence, an new system and a lot of new faces things will start to mould all around. as i've expressed i've got my confidence in coach taaffe and what they are trying to accomplish.

I prefer when the arguments are over wins, but I digress. LOL

Cheers to Ticat Nation!

Oski Wee Wee,

Whether this win is any different than some of the other wins over last few years that were considered by some to be "signs of hope" one cannot say at the moment. It's funny how people like you are so quick to jump on people who express concerns about the team based on consistant patterns of poor play, yet you feel that just because the team happened to win one game you can go around making grandiose statements about how great the team is, how bright the future looks...

hey in 2001 i was in your spot trust me. i don't consider myself an optimist by nature.
but if someone is gonna express a strong opinion about they how feel i too, will express mine.
when i hear boycott then yes i will express what i feel just maybe if you said boycott last season with a group of coaches and players who didn't show any heart etc, then i'd prob be less in disagreement than i am now.