Thank you Stamps for 2 reasons!

#1) You helped create more seperation from my BC Lions and the Eskimos for first place in the West. Lions now have a fairly healthy lead (10-0 versus 7-4). This was really a big loss for the Eskimos, and a huge gift from the Stamps to the Lions. Thanks!

#2) Proline. I saw that the Stamps odds to win by 4 tonight were 4.5, so I went out on a limb and put two bucks on the Stamps by 4, the Phillies over Florida, the Indians over Minny, Arizona over Colorado and the Padres over the Dodgers. Guess what? Calgary's 4.5:1 odds are really helping me out right now! If the Padres can hold their 3-0 lead, I win $128 off of my original $2 bet! Thank you Stamps!


#1) you're welcome

#2) you're welcome, what's my cut?

Your cut is the satisfaction you should get from your Stamps handing the Eskimos an embarrasing loss at home! Way to go Stamps! I can safely say tonight I was a Stamps fan, but I'm back to being a Lions fan. Thank you, Stamps, from the bottom of my Lions heart.

What is your thoughts Eskimo fan!

2......... just got it ...........CALGARY, won in EDMONTON..............and you want MORE? :lol: :wink: :smiley:

I'd love to give Stamps fans a cut of my winnings, but I gotta give myself a little credit here for not only taking the Stamps, but picking 4 correct outcomes in the ever so wacky world of baseball.

…true enough, just make sure the first toast after cashing-in goes to the Stampeders…

I want to thank the Stamps for winning period, I would hate to see the Gypsies predicting a Rider Playoff spot that they might earn, with the help of another team.
Lets hope they can beat those pesky Bombers and make the race interesting :slight_smile:

I’ll cash in today and do that RedandWhite. Boy do I love seeing those Eskies lose (especially at home).

That last game I bet on, San Diego at the Dodgers, was looking in doubt but I won 3-1. Who would’ve thought my 64:1 odds ticket would come through for me. It’s too bad I didn’t put more money down, but I wasn’t going to make the ticket at all so I would’ve been kicking myself.

Thank you Stamps