Thank you Stampeders

Great season, all things considered. It was a fun playoff ride. Thanks for beating the Riders and the lions. Maybe it would have happened for us on another day.

Great game from Taylor and Peredes.

Congrats to the Argos and their fans. A well deserved win.

The game itself was nothing to write home about. I certainly wouldn't expect it to be replayed on the TV channel, ESPN Classic, like the other great Grey Cup games. This game comes nowhere near to being great. It's obvious that the CFL (or at least their Marketing Dept.) got the storybook ending that they wanted and worked towards. The halftime show was mediocre. The ceremonial presentations after the game looked like the whole thing was rehearsed. The speakers looked as if they were just going through the motions. Mark Cohon tried to put a positive spin on it all, but failed. There's going to have to be plenty of improvements next season in order to convince me that the CFL is going in the right and proper direction, especially with officiating. :thdn:

The Stamps had a great season, much better than anyone expected escpecially after Tate went down in the second game. The GC game wasn't a classic, true, but unfortunately those kind of one-sided games do happen from time to time. I think because it was the 100th GC that everyone expected a thrilling classic (I know I did). This game kinda reminded me of the '99 GC, Calgary was expected to repeat but came out flat and Hamilton had a fairly easy time of winning (score was even fairly similar). Though this game wasn't the classic everyone wanted, it wasn't the worse game in history, the Stamps were in striking distance of tying or taking the lead for most of the game but never capitalised on their chances. Remeber Calgary was playing with their backup QB, so would have to compare this GC to the '07 and '93 GCs (which were just as unenertaining).
Anyway, no one expected the Stamps to be in the GC earlier in the year when their #1 QB went down, but they beat all expectations and finished 2nd in the West and made it through the play offs (something else most didn't expect them to do) and got to the GC. That's a huge achievment and they should be congradulated for that. Yes, it was a disappointing GC game, but there's always next year. :wink: :thup: