Thank you Stampeders for the Great Year

Not only did your bring a Grey Cup back to the greatest City in Canada. But you brought smiles and laughter to children that will for ever be a greeat memory for these children. This was a classic Thanks!

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This is along over due congrats redwhite2005, to the Stamps for taking out the Lions , and to you rw2005 for being a great ambassador for your team…

Thanks Deflated you too are a great guy for your team. I know I get carried away with some of those green meanies LOL. But there is so few of the stamp supporters vs a nation LOL. But the Stamps have done a lot for our community this past year and it really is good to see not only for the Stamps but the CFL itself.

I'm impressed, you only have two free agents left to sign. Dales & Thelwell. Its really, really early, but I think Calgary has to be the early odds favourite to repeat in 2009. BC is in re-building mode and will be fighting a QB less Saskatchewan team for third spot. Only threat out West will be from your arch rivals up North.

Freeman and Sandro will be trying the NFL I believe they are on their option year.

I think the key signing on defense in my opinion is Mike Labinjo. His quickness is perfect for this league. That was a good find for you guys.

Didn't know DeAngelis was trying the NFL. I guess with his accuracy he may get a good look.