Thank you Speedy B!

What a talent! Pound for pound one of the toughest to play the game. He will be missed!


8th in All Time Ticat Receiving Yards really in 5 season's worth of work.

2nd to Earl in Total Combined Yards with less years played.

Hope he finds a Cup somewhere if it's not at our expense.


Oh man! It’s not a retirement! The TICats posted a great video on social media. Bless him, but I’d hate to see him in another uniform.


I didn’t think it could get worse after the Grey Cup debacle, but this just makes me more depressed.


Probably following Masoli to OTT/BC/EDM


When he was healthy this year , he was still getting open and in the last few games he was still getting touchdowns. This might be the right move or maybe not, time will tell but today this really sucks.


I wanted to see Speedy, Simoni and Jeremiah win a Cup together in Hamilton for almost a decade of service. Sadly that’s not going to happen now.


Evans now this. Young/Mitchell/Lawson/ Kestenbaum not wasting time putting stamp on team.


This announcement, coupled with the re-signing of Dane Evans, reinforces that Ticat management are committed to putting the best possible team on the field next year.

Masoli and Banks are awesome players, but both have had injury issues, and are not getting any younger.

You can’t keep players around just because of what they’ve done in the past. Especially if you have up and coming players who you think can step right into their shoes, without missing a beat.

I say Masoli and Banks both sign in Toronto.


Ok, so that takes me from denial to bargaining - Please not the Argos! Go to BC where the games are on too late for me.


A true Tiger-Cat through and through. I just have a feeling he will retire before the season starts. He will join many other greats who never got to win the Cup while playing for the "Cats. Thanks for the great memories Speedy B!!!!!


We were just discussing how important for the CFL it was to keep long term face players in a city and Banks was a great TiCat

Even if he is replaced by a "better" player the loss of tenure is disappointing

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That… might happen. BC could go with Rourke and use the cap space they’d free up to create some kind of nightmare receiving corps featuring Burnham, Whitehead, Banks and Rhymes (he’s 6’ 4"). Who’d wanna cover that?!


Thank you :blush:Speedy. Our most electrifying player and you were my Aunties fave and she would stay up kate to watch the games out West.

Best of luck to you.

Now our present team?

We have to start new traditions and combinations and with Dane at the helm things look promising.

We have to continue to search for the Grey Cup
Combinations. Feb 1 is Year of the Tiger :tiger2: .

Let's go Ticats!


I’m just stuck in ‘anger’ and will probably just stay there.

There is no amount of advertising or promotions that can replace the value of having some of our favourite players retire as Ticats.

And for the record, I’m still steamed about Rob Hitchcock and Mike Morreale’s endings


"Speedy B," a special T-C!
If Brandon and Jeremiah are teammates, this season, I, for the first time in my life, will be a fan of two CFL teams.



Well put.
Im old enough to have see a few bonified superstars play here and Banks could have been the best.
He deserves better but at least it’s amicable.

CFL: “Great people, Horrible business.”


I have nothing but respect for everything that Brandon Banks brought to the Stadium, Home & Away, each and every week, each & every season.

Lots of speculation on whether or not a Retirement Press Conference is imminent, for Speedy B. I have no idea, but when I went back to watch the televised Grey Cup broadcast, during one of the post-game panel discussions, I believe it was Davis Sanchez who mentioned that he just returned from the Tiger-Cat dressing room, where he ran into Brandon Banks, and Speedy B told him that he was "Done".

Davis Sanchez went on to elaborate on that statement, explaining that he was convinced that Speedy B would be retiring. Of course, the caveat to this statement is that it was made in the immediate aftermath of another gut-wrenching GC game loss. We shall see . . .

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Thanks for 8 great years and being one of the best Speedy! You'll be missed, wish you success in whatever comes next, and hope to see you back in some capacity in the future with us.