Thank you Section 30 and everyone else!

Hello everyone,

Just wanted to come on here one last time this season and thank everyone for such a memorable last game at IWS.

My wife and I got married on October 27th and managed to make it back to the stadium from the church in time for the fourth quarter. We (along with the wedding party and photographer) had tickets in section 30 (we made it onto the TigerVision screen too!!)

We just wanted to thank everyone who came up and congratulated us, shook hands or high fived us on the way. One couple in particular gave one of my groomsmen an umbrella and my ring bearer (his first game ever!!!) and flower girl ponchos. Another wonderful lad came up and put her ticket & lanyard around my bride's neck.

To everyone who made the last game and "our" first game so memorable, THANK YOU!

Thats a really neat story and shows the love of Ticats Fans :thup:

Not quite as dramatic but it reminds of a true fan and friend who booked a wedding before the season schedule came out, only to find, lo and behold, that it fell on the same night as a Ti-Cat home game vs the Argos. The score was announced regularly by the band (back then there were no DJs) with a especially loud roar coming from the wedding crowd in the hall when it was announced that the Ti-Cats had defeated the Argos.

First of all, I, like those fans in section 30, would like to congratulate you and your wife.

I would also like to say that day must have been quite memorable for you, to get married and experience that historical event shortly after that. It may not have been enjoyable to have that cold rain coming down that day. But as was the case with many of the fans, you may not have minded it. Especially if some of those fans let you borrow their umbrellas and ponchos.

That was a great story. And I'm sure that many others have good stories to tell about their times at IWS, which is why we are going to miss it. And it sure will be different to go by the intersection of King and Balsam and not see that stadium there when looking northward.


Also, y'all should have seen my ring bearer's face when I told him we had tickets. Kid lit up!