Thank you Saskatchewan

WOW...this is a huge break for us as sask came back from 17-0 at halftime in Ottawa to win 18-17 showing a lot of character .

We now need to take care of business and start rolling and get better every game so that we can be prepared to win in Ottawa which will likely turn out to be the game that really decides our fate and then of course gain momentum to be ready to beat SASK or BC in the cross over game at home and then be ready to beat Toronto at BMO field to go to the Grey Cup.
If this happens , June Jones will be a hero taking an 0-8 team to the Grey Cup. It is very possible if we execute and play smart avoid penalties and turnover and fight for every yard.

Ottawa are ahead of us by 5 points but we have 3 games in hand ( 6 games left to their 3 ) . Logic says that they should lose their away games against BC and SASK but nothing is for sure .
What we need to do is beat the Argos tomorrow and win both games against Montreal . I think that is reasonable to ask of this team . Beating WPG in WPG will be tough and beating Calgary at our place will be tough as well.

They key reason to beating the Argos is to give insurance just in case we lose in Montreal as we have had limited success there.

Either way you look at it , it most likely come down to the game in Ottawa which is the 2knd to last game of the year. Ottawa will most likely have their starting QB back by then which will make it a difficult win but we can do it.

It wasn't pretty but Glenn did a pretty good job of managing that come back in the second half and hanging on.
I hope we have our run defence prepared for Toronto and Ottawa!

Beating the Argos and winning both Montreal games won't be enough. That would give us 12 points, Ottawa has 11 now. We also have to beat Ottawa when we meet them. If we lose, they will have 13.

It would also be important for Ottawa to lose to at least one of their other games to BC or Saskatchewan, preferably both. Their chances of winning one of those games are better than ours of getting a win over either Calgary or Winnipeg.

One step at a time, starting tomorrow.

Now, the RB's had to play their third string quarterback.

Wait a minute, didn't we have to do that a couple of years ago in a playoff game against Ottawa?

And even though Masoli almost beat them, Burris still carried on afterward as if that wasn't the case.

I won't even try to feel sorry for Campbell and his group.

I'm still not sure which result would have been better. Yes, it helps us move up in the standings in the east. But it also gives the Riders two more points, helping them in the crossover race.

I really didn't know who to cheer for.

Dispirited and beat up West team on short week at home. 200 yards rushing. 17 point lead in second half. Adds up to inexcusable.
And maybe a good omen for TC.

it's been
1st East
2nd East
4th West
for playoff spots in the east for months now man.... cheer for the cats and let the rest of it play out as it will

Well, at least we didn't lose any ground on the Redblacks or Als this week.