Thank You Saskatchewan!

For allowing us to sign the best offensive coordinator
in the league. Do you guys plan on making any
George Cortez t shirts??

Should be a good one next week.

:lol: :lol: :lol: Geroge Cortez su-cks shirts. Yup he left did he not how dare you leave Prider Nation.

I dont think Tillman wanted him. I thought he was a good coach though. No hard feelings.

He likely would have only stayed if he was given the Head coaching position. He was a good coach but it’s premature to call him the best offensive coordinator after playing the worst team in the league.

Dust I guess you were not around for the 1990's and you do not know who Jeff Garcia is right!

That was 9 years ago Red, he may well be a great offensive coordinator, but he still has to prove it this year.

And Austin who got fired last year does not have to prove anything right! Dust you amaze me. Cortez is a good coach the 1990's was proof of that. What did Cortez get senile when he coached the oline for the riders or something? Seriously the Riders made a big mistake letting this very good coach go.

Im here to amaze after all. Cortez was a very good coach with the Stamps in the 90's, im not disputing that. And im not sure why you would bring Austin into this, im not attacking the Stamps why attack the Riders. For the record, I said it when it happened on "another site" that he was the scapegoat for Adam Rita in Toronto, he was in the same position when they won the Grey Cup there.

I could even link you to posts where I thought Cortez should become the next Riders coach, and even if he did, he would still have to prove he was the best, it's not just handed to him.

All im trying to get across is wait til the halfway point of the season to proclaim him "the best".

Dust I did not say he was the best. I just said he is one of the best did I not? I believe and this is my opinion had the riders made him HC I think he would do much better. So far Austin has proven me wrong with the win over the Als. But the offense was not that impressive. I do believe Geroge has been coaching for a long time and really has nothing to prove he has two grey cup rings Austin has what one but as a player. The fact is Cortez is a career coach Austin is starting out. The fact Austin was fired and for what reason has no bearing on his ability other then someone had to go and he must have been considered the weak link in the coaches in Toronto. SO if anyone needs to prove do you not think it would be one Kent Austin?

This is like the power ranking thread, you really cant judge based on one game this year.

Well not really you can not forget how to coach right? Cortez has more then two decades of coaching right!

I dunno man. I think in this case Cortez is good. But as coaches age, the game changes as well. So although you may not forget how to coach, if the game is different, you are pooched.

So Jman I guess Wally Bouno is a crappy coach because he has aged! Serioulsy Jamn it appears you are trying very hard to win this debate with no logic. Seriously a career coach should be able to adapt to the rules.

no problems. you’re also welcome for burris. how’d he work out last fall?

I never said Wally was a bad coach... Im just saying that as times goes on, so does the game. Some coaches can adapt, others dont.

rider nation will be disappointed once they go 6-12 under kent austin, this guy runs a predictable offense, no creativity, no trick plays, the only reason they won a grey cup in toronto was that 3-4 defense, and special teams.

Ken Miller is the Offensive Coordinator but thanks for coming out. I don't care how predictable it looks, it's far more advanced than the Offense that is being run in Montreal under Marcel B.

In Toronto, I thought Austin was a bit sketchy.

And yes, Austin has a WHOLE LOT TO PROVE as Riders Head Coach.

Good luck Cortez.

Holy Sh!t. Did Ricky Ray go like 11 for 11 for passing before throwing an incomplete in that WPG/EDM game?


You are right Austin has to prove himself to the Rider fans and I hope he works out. But George Cortez (Jman)was the reason for success in the 90's for the Stamps more so then Wally. Wally learned a lot on the coaching end from Cortez and to this day is still successful as HC and GM of the Lions. But your statment that coaches lose it over time is not correct. These guys adapt to what ever is working. You look at Pinball he is getting better with age. The more a guy coaches the wiser he gets and he is able to adapt.

I agree 05, but sometimes the game can pass a coach by-- Mike Ditka is a good example of that, he tried to bring Bear football to New Orleans and he failed miserably. Something that works in 1985 doesnt necessarily work in 1998(his second year in the Big Easy) or 2007.