Thank you Ryan Phillips!

Maybe your interception and 89 yard TD will get Bellefeuille fired!

What the commentators saw as two B.C. backs cleverly switching assignments, I saw as botched coverage that turned out in B.C.'s favor.
Had Calvillo opted to pass to Thurmon instead of Cahoon, it would have been a touchdown for Montreal.

I like fools with crystal balls. They make me smile :smiley:

The replay showed that Bethea was facing the line of scrimmage and Thurmon was behind him while Calvillo still had the ball.
Kudos to the B.C. line for for applying the pressure and not giving AC time to weigh his options.
Everybody who follows the CFL will admit that B.C., with its depth, talent and superb coaching, has been the class of the league in recent years.
Let's hope that their fans show an equal amount of class and post less of the condasending, smug remarks like you just made.

No, No, No!!!!! Not for at least one more week! :lol: :lol:

Seriously Marcel Bellefeuille has got to go! I saw a few times receivers open down field only to see a 4 yard dump pass on 2nd and 10.

Marcel for Mayor....1 more week! :wink: :wink: