Thank You Ronnie

Lancaster may not be the very Best player ever, or best coach, or best in the booth, etc, but he is right up there in everything. And through it all, he has done it with dignity and class and professionalism.

Ronnie was the winning QB of the first team in the first game I ever watched and cheered for. He was my first favorite CFL player. It seems that throughout my 40 yrs as a CFL fan, Ronnie has always been there in some capacity. I cant imagine CFL football without Lancaster being around somewhere.

Whatever happens now in Hamilton, this fan thanks you Ronnie for all your efforts that we the fans have enjoyed the fruits of over the yrs. Good luck on the sidelines Ron (except when you play the Leos :slight_smile: )

Notice the class in which he handles himself with... example...

  1. Gets fired as head coach and doesnt get upset, instead he agrees to stick around as GM only.

  2. Gets fired as GM and basically asked to fade away unless needed. Doesnt say a word.

  3. Gets asked to come back and coach, instead of burning his bridges and telling someone where to go, or holding a grudge, he says "No problem, whatever you need, im part of the team"

This is why he should be on the wall of honour someday.

He is a TRUE Ticat.

AND a great coach.

AND a CFL legend.

AND a gentleman.

I really hope he gets the cheer he truely deserves when he is announced today for the 1st time in a couple years.

I love what he is Doing
This what Greg was missing...

This Bus Leaves at 7 AM
Your not there Too Bad..
Miss a Meeting or Be late and your Fined.

I am So Happy with What Ronnie is Doing

I think he is a better man than I for these three points. I can't say I could handle it the same way.

He is what this team needs right now. The Little General will get these troops in line or some of these troops will be playing somewhere else.

Yes he is... And I have more confidence in Ron than Greg.

And the key thing isn't so much just getting the troops in line, so to speak, yes that is crucial, but also allowing the assistants to do their job in a bit more of a relaxed atmosphere. Ronnie's got nothing to prove but Greg did, big time, and took too much of the load on his shoulders and felt the pressure bottling up inside him to the point it really had an effect on everyone I believe. Greg's passion was unreal, he just needs some more seasoning at this level and he will be a great coach in the CFL one day if he wants it.

Lancaster was facing the same crap that your dealing to Marshall now . You guys couldnt wait to get rid of him . Your like yoyos up and down with players and coaches from one day to another .

Thus far, I am happy with the moves Lancaster has made in his efforts to mould the Ticats into a winning club.

I admire all of his feats in the past and thank him for them. I also thank him for taking over the coaching duties at this time.

I recognize the fact that under the previous owners, (Grant and MacDonald)
Ron's hands were tied behind his back.

I will, however, reserve judgement on what he does with the team from this day forward.

Footbakk isn't just about what you have done in the past. More to the point, it's about what you are doing right now.

what moves has he made really ?? Marshall was gonna put Cavil in and the kicker they have now wasnt even in town yet when Marshall was in control .

Im thinking if Cavil is so good why didnt another team grab him for free from our practice roster ???

Because he wasn't on the practice roster? He was on the four man reserve roster, which is different. Further, is someone tried to grab him from the practice roster (where he wasn't), we would have had the option of starting him (which we are) and keeping him.


In the future you might wanna direct comments like "You guys" to people directly.

People like myself NOT ONCE wanted Lancaster out and was upset when he was fired.

Crash you know what I mean … People on here change thier tune from day to day regarding coaching and personel . The Reserve squad and the practice roster are different ???

Yes, they are habman. Under the latest CFL/CFLPA agreement, there are 46 active roster positions, of which 42 actually dress for the game. That leaves 4 "innactive" players that cannot be poached from your roster. The practice/developmental squad remains ralatively the same.

Hmmmmm didnt know that , my mistake . Does this mean they are paid a full salary like a game day checque ?? Otherwise why would they agree to it ?? They could jump to another team and get a full pay checque rather than practice roster money .

I believe they get fully paid. I could be wrong though...

i`m not sure either ... hopefully someone can clear this up . i doubt that the guys who play would appreciate this ???

Ronnie knows the answer :thup: :rockin: :slight_smile: