Thank-you Rob & Mike

Thanks for everything you've done, both on the field and off.

You will be missed. I sincerely hope our new players aspire to the legacies you leave behind, the main one being what it means to wear the black and gold.

Best wishes to you both.

Both should/will have their numbers on the ring of fame!

My Good Bye Video for Mike and Hitch

Just Updated today

Great idea, Ty.

Thank you so much for all you've done. You'll be missed.

Thank you Rob and Mike for some great football action in Hamilton. Both players will be missed not only on the feild but certainly in their strength in support of the team as team players and in the community. We wish you all the very best in the near future either in the CFL with another team or in the Hamilton area with your future plans.

Hey thats a great video,,I almost shed a tear...goodjob...
You guys will be missed...thanks for the memories guys...

Good thread, ty-pex.

If Mike Morreale and Rob Hitchcock decide to retire, perhaps the Ticats could consider having a separate half-time tribute for each of them on the home game date for the ticket upon which their respective images are printed:

Morreale- Fri., Aug 3/07 (Ticats vs. Winnipeg)
Hitchcock- Fri., Sep 21/07 (Ticats vs. Calgary)

There's not much more I can add to what everyone else has said. Sorry to see you go, good luck with what lies ahead and hope to see you back in some capacity with the team. You two guys were True Ticats.

I'll miss you guys. You've left behind a legacy of enthusiasm for the game that I have rarely seen anywhere else.

Mike: Thanks for laying out for so many of your great catches and for going up for the ball while surrounded by opposing players.

Hitch: You hit like a train to this day and you always showed a sense of knowing where the ball was going on critical plays. You also instructed your defensive team mates with your own knowledge of the game and your savy for what the offenses were going to do in given situations.

Both of you men were absolute stalwarts in this community and I know I speak for the community when I offer our undying gratitude for all that you have done here. Somehow, mere thanks just don't seem to cut it, but our gratefulness is deeply rooted in our hearts.

Going forward, we wish you success in whatever endeavours you choose to involve yourselves in and God Speed.

Thanks I Still Feel bad for the Spelling Error

Yea,thanks for the old time football attitude and energy.There is a lot of experience tied up with you two guys.Don’t be afraid to pass some of that on,at whatever level that you stay with this great Canadian game

I just wanted to say thank you to Mr Hitchcock And Mr Morreale for all their years of service for the Ticats and the fans.

Thanks boys, you will be missed! Hitch you were by far my favorite Ticat. nobody played the game with as much heart and passion as you. I will never forget the thunderous hits you delivered to unsuspecting receivers who dared coming near you. Thanks for the memories and goodluck with whatever you decide to do in the future. Cheers.

Has the heart been cut out of the Cats

Im concerned about the heart of this team
Guys like Danny Mac, Osbadiston, Hitchcock, Morreale etc were not just players but they were the heart and soul of this community, and the team. You could meet them in the street they did so much not just on the field but off They were the heart

Maas is an Edmonton boy. Wont move Where is his heart.

I know my heart isn't in it this year. Wasnt last year after losing Danny Mac but I will be there as always Sec 23

Just hope they find some character and heart in somebody cause it really is more than winning

I hope Mike and Rob hookup with somebody and that Mike scores a touchdown or two against the Cats and Mr Maas gets to meet the other side of Rob 8)

i hope makes a tribute video that wil be shown during a home game this year

I hope Mike and Rob hookup with somebody and that Mike score a touchdown or two against the cats and Mr Maas gets to meet the other side of Rob
Gotta love this...the I hope Rob and Mike get us back rant. Like Maas made this decision or something. Haha what a joke.

That was a very moving and special video. I do know that Rob and Mike both know and feel our love for them. Good luck guys, hold your heads high you have and deserve the respect of the Tiger-Cat fan community.

All the best to both Rob and Mike in what ever their future endevors are . They are both class acts on and off the field .I am going to miss them both .

I would like to give a special thanks to Rob for being such a sweetheart to my daughter. She was heartbroken by the move. He really made an impact by talking to her last year at the B & G game. It meant a lot to her.

Gadzucks, They didn't die or anything.

Let's try to keep things in perspective. These are two professional football players that knew their careers would come to an end soon. They were active in the community and played their hearts out on the field, but they were playing a sport they loved, in a town they loved and living a dream. Most of us should be so lucky.

If such dramatic tributes are necessary for these two guys, how do you feel about:

  • the truck driver on the 400 who gave his life so others could be spared

  • the soldiers who have died on the battlefield in Afganistan

  • the nine firefighters who lost their lives doing their duty in S.Carolina

Come on people, it's just a game.