Thank you Riders Fans.

Hopefully nobody has a problem with an Esks fan posting on a Riders forum. I just wanted to thank Riders fans for the positive contributions you make to the CFL. Although the Riders exitted earlier than I would have liked, Riders fans still are and always will be great. The vast majority of you has carried the mantle of Champion with class, hopefully whoever wins this season will do as well.

i'm not sure we need this condescending, arrogant put-down Eskiefan.
yeah, our org. isn't the Eskimos but we do our best - WITHOUT the benefit of your team's superstructure.

That's quite the overreaction there, about giving a nice "thank you" to the guy who usually presents himself as a relative straight-shooter, and can the bitterness?

Wow, where did that come from????

Thank you! Go Get Montreal next week.

Got to tell you guys after a lifetime of hating the green and gold I saw to many score boards saving 40 to 10 or less and a third string quaterback throwing a bomb for another eskimo touchdown, I so wanted to hammer them back just once. Well this year it happened and when it did all I could think was damn I wish this was Calgary or BC. This year Edmonton played the best they could with the injuries the had and beat some teams we couldnt. Ricky Ray and the boys played with class through the latter half of the season even when we beat them and came back hard the next week. For the first time in my life My family and I will be screaming and cheering for the Esks next week. Next year there will be a old line redrawn in the prarie soil but next week hit them hard and keep them down, Go Eskimos!

I have lived in most part of this country and I have to say that from Estevan to Saskatoon, I found Saskatchewaners (hope I got that right) to be some of the kindest people in this country and I think its too bad the Riders blew this game with the bad strategy of attempting the long game too many times. :frowning: This said, I hope my Als beat the crap (hope I can say that word) out of the Esks this Saturday. See you guys next year. :rockin:

Thanks cflesksfan. Lonzell doesn't speak for me.

I'm sorry you feel that way, I didn't realize that I was subconciously putting anybody down. For the record I have been on the "Rider fan" band wagon for as far back as I can remember. I even had seasons tickets at Taylor Field back in 1974 and cheered along with the other Rider fans for the like of Ron Lancaster and George Reed, except of course when my Eskimos came to town. Anyways if anybody else feels put-down by my comments, I am truly sorry. I guess it's just the raving of an condescending, arrogant old man.

it's a nice gesture, still want your team to get's ass handed to them on Saturday though..

thanks for that and good luck, would like to see a Lions Esks final :slight_smile:

An all-Alberta final nearly happened, or at least it looked that way early on. A Calgary-Edmonton GC game would have been awesome-- oh well maybe we will a Sask-Edm game in Calgary next year… now wouldn’t that be fun… :wink: