Thank-You Rider Fans

I just wanted to thank the Rider fans who came to the stadium last night in Winnipeg and help the Bombers get a sell out. The Rider fans sitting in our section last night were well behaved…although most of them started getting obnoxious after the game, I thought that it was nice of them to come out and help us get a large draw. At this point, anyway we can get people in the stands is good. The Riders didn’t really play that well…but we sucked worse last night. Anyways…thanks…and good luck in your future games…(you’re gonna need it!!)

I'd like to thank the riders becase this win will likly get Daley fried.


Didnt think he was THAT bad. LOL

I know thanks rider fans. It helped us alot by having you guys come to Canad Inns. It was a fun game and seeing all the die hard green fans was fun... but even more fun seeing all the die hard blue and gold fans like me and the others at the game. I was in section J (end-zone) so I didn't really have any near me.. but I did see alot of them all around the stadium with their green colours and saskatchewan flags. I was pissed at the end of the game but they played well and we didn't do shit all in the 2nd half but only score 2 POINTS. Uhhh! Thanks again Rider fans but now I hope you lose all of your games in the up-coming run and miss the play-offs. :!:

Well, at least you are a lot more polite than some of the other Bomber fans at the game. I was at that game last night sitting in the end zone w/ my Rider jersey on & of course on my best behaviour just cheering for my team. I was walking up the stairs to go to my seat during the 3rd quarter minding my own business, I might add, & someone yells out at me "Riders suck!" so I just looked at the scoreboard, we were ahead at this point, gave him a funny look & said "Yeah, we suck. Ouch, that hurt!"

Later on as the dying seconds in the game were ticking away my husband & I were sitting there just clapping & nothing else & a Bomber fan was walking down the stairs, he looks right at my husband & says "All you Rider fans can go f!ck yourselves!" & he had a dead serious look on his face. So we just started laughing at this guy & yelled "Oh, Boooooooo!" It was hilarious b/c this guy meant it & we weren't doing anything but sitting there clapping!

I don't know if anyone else saw this but McCallum was out practicing kicking at halftime & then Westwood came out & started talking to him. All I could think of was "Uh-oh, we're (Riders & Bombers) in trouble" & a Bomber sitting close to me saw that too & I said to him "That's like the blind leading the blind!" & we both started laughing.

Oh yeah, you're welcom! :smiley:

Yeah... I think I seen those guys that were yelling at any Rider fans they saw in the end-zone. Now you know what happens to Bomber fans when they drink beer, get all drunk and the Bombers lose. You played along with the screaming Bomber fans that yelled at you and that was a good thing to do. I was screaming Riders suck alot but just for fun. I didn't yell at any Rider fans that I seen though. That's just plain stupid. I was happy to see all the great Rider fans at the game. I'm glad that we have this big rivalry with each other. I'm scared to even go to Taylor Field now... But, Please come back next year. :smiley:

Yeah, we're still laughing about it! He really meant it! Where in the end zone were you? Maybe you were the one that yelled "Riders suck" at me! J/K

I live here in Wpg & I don't really like to go to the Bomber games to watch the Riders play. Reason being, last game we went to we had sunflower seeds & beer cups thrown at us at the end of the game--again, we were just minding our own business, so I wasn't too keen on going this time around. I was pleasantly surprised at how well behaved the fans were. I just wish that that whole "Banjo Bowl" theme would just die!

No kidding, the banjo bowl is Westwoods idea of shooting off his mouth, as for a hometown fan feeling ill towards a Rider prider…Relax it’s all in good fun, we’ll get them next year…

my sympathies go out to any Rider fans who got abused at our stadium. If anything comes out of your victory against us… hopefully they’ll make sweeping changes to our pourous secondary!

A big thank you as well to all the Bomber fans who came to Regina the week before. We were sitting in Section 26 5th row... Surounded by Blue jersey's... Kinda thought to myself oh-oh could get interesting. However probably had the best experience ever at a RIder Game. Had a blast with all the people from Manitoba around us. Even took a few pics with some of the guy's!

However It has been reported on the site that 4 Rider fans were assaulted on their way out of the stadium in Winnipeg the other day. Don't know how bad but it doesn't reflect good on the team or the town. I realize that this happens at EVERY stadium from time to time. From throwing stuff at people to physically assaulting them this is unaceptable at ANY stadium.

Obviously not true fans of the game!!!

I know... we had idiot's here too who thought it was funny to spread some cow poo over a certain kickers driveway after a certain loss last year. But I think if as fans of the game when we see something going on around us... even as fans of opposing teams we should step in and not allow these things to happen.

damn straight big bopper, I actually enjoy watching football games in other cities, never had a bad expierence...and alway's loads of fun cheering against the home team.

Hmmmm, I wonder where that incident happened. I know there were some Rider fans who were really rowdy & doing a lot of celebrating after the game. I didn't think that that was right, that's just like rubbing it in Bomber fans faces. I say if you want to do that, wait until you're away from the stadium, that's just asking for trouble.

Well...they're lucky they didn't try that in is too bad that it had too happen and I hope they will come back for the next Banjo Bowl.