Thank you Regina

Now that we have arrived back home, allow me to give a big thanks to all of you in Regina. . . we had a blast. It is quite the experience taking in a football game in your city. . . it is a unique experience compared to all the other cities where we've attended CFL games. Very friendly people wherever we went, and I can now assure anyone who asks me, that rider fans are the most passionate in the league, no question. We really enjoyed being Rider fans for the day.

Big thanks as well go out to jm02, terrific meeting one of the forum's best mods, and as well to Artie-Lange who made the whole trip possible. Thanks so much.

Glad to hear you enjoyed your trip Madjack. I admire you taking in all these games in opposing stadiums, I've only been to a few but I'd like to go to more. I'm looking forward to any pictures of the trip that you post, if you will in fact be posting some that is.


Dust, do me a favour, click on this link and tell me if you can see our pics. . . I"m not sure I'm doing this right and I have no idea how to post pictures directly here. . .

[url=] ... 10/Regina/[/url]

Cool pics! Happy you enjoyed yourselves.

Looks good to me :slight_smile: Pretty awesome that you got to meet Cuthbert and Suitor, as well as most of the Al's players. They must have thought you were joking with them if you approached them wearing your green and said you were Al's fans.

Many thanks to you as well, MadJack - it was fantastic to finally meet you and your better half, and I quite enjoyed the day! I look forward to a rematch on your turf in the future...

Ahh. . . but we weren't wearing green when in the hotel meeting the Als. . .

Awesome story and photos Madjack. You truly are a CFL superfan!!! :rockin: :cowboy:
Your team is not too shabby too by the way!!!

Hey....just home from the lake for a day to cut the lawn, etc.....Glad you guys had a good time. Hope the seats were okay. Since I haven't heard from Hopson, I assume I haven't been kicked out of Mosaic, notwithstanding their proximity to the beer stand.

Madjack, I still can't figure out how many souls it cost you to land that wife of yours. No pic of Michele though? I'm heartbroken.

Anyway, I'll be there to see the red/black-clad Roughies take on the Evil Empire on the 17th. Glad you got a good one to watch, and a good game-day experience.

Third time lucky I guess. . .

Oh I have several; but am under strict instructions not to post for public consumption.

No, we behaved ourselves. . . which I cannot say for someone in the row in front of your seats, who was escorted out by security. . .

It was terrific; to be witness, live, to the third highest scoring game in CFL history. . . just that, unlike my better half, I personally happen to prefer watching really good defence, and there was precious little of that from either side. Entertaining nevertheless. And the game day experience was great.

And, if any of you are interested in our pics with the Als in the hotel, go here:

[url=] ... %20Regina/[/url]

Nice pictures