Thank you REDBLACKS!!!!

Thanks for giving us a great season. Can't wait til 2016!!

Here, here. It was AMAZING. :thup:

This season has won over many Ottawa residents and made lots of new fans.
Hopefully they are all hooked now, as the chase is fun when you believe your team has a shot.

Already have my season tix renewed. See you in section M in 2016!!!

Great game, maybe next year Redblacks.

You play the games you're scheduled, and Ottawa won 12 of them. Congrats. :thup:

:thup: :thup:

Hank will be back. He has unfinished business with Edmonton. :thup:

and Hamilton and Calgary and Saskatchewan....

I really like hank in spite of his faults, but he really should shut up.

Absolutely, the REDBLACKS did themselves proud.

What did he say this time FYB that solicited that?

it the sum of all that he has said the last two weeks, including post game to day if I understand correctly what others have said in other threads. It gets harder to defend him

Can't wait for next season. You know Hamilton will be itching for their shot at the Redblacks with Collaros at the helm. If any teams took the RBs for granted this year, they sure won't next. Should be another interesting race in the East, though free agency this off-season could radically shift the make up of all teams.

Good game fellas - This is what the CFL is all about !!!!

Oh, did Hank say something controversial recently? I must have missed it. :wink:

Truthfully, on the one hand, I appreciate honestly in an athlete because it's so rare. Most responses are so canned now that there's no point in asking the question.

On the other, I hate seeing that stuff blown out of proportion and dragged out for days.

Find the middle ground, Henry.

Ottawa fans should be very proud of their Redblacks and the turn around season they had, individual player awards and making it to the 103rd Grey Cup game.

I never really understood why Ottawa fans never supported the other teams but as a long time supporter of the Tiger-Cats and many who are as well we have supported our team through good times and bad times and you have to in order to keep the great game of the CFL alive in your City.

The Redblacks are two years old now with a good solid foundation in place and a winning style, I wish your team the best in the years to come and continue to fill the stands at TD Place!

We all have to thank Jeff Hunt and his buddies for bringing football back to Ottawa. :thup:

For those of you who have followed football for "decades" and not just years, and have team in your city, don't know how lucky they really are. Try going a year without a team, turn that into 2 or three and then 8 years. ITS NO FUN. But that HISTORY is behind us thanks to this local ownership. Thanks for bringing the CFL and all that goes with it back to Ottawa. 8)

Now onto next year :wink:

Easy, there was never a light at the end of the tunnel. There was never a reason to think that ownership was going to get it right, so in the end it felt like you were subsidizing someone's hobby. It wasn't just a matter of gutting out a rebuild, it was a matter of facing a lifetime of supporting a laughingstock.

I did, got ridiculed for it, and at the end of the day all I have to show for it is a box of useless Renegades merchandise. It's not like those of us who supported the Renegades are recognized for it.

I know you're not out to bust our chops, so don't read an aggressive tone in this, but Cats attendance sucked prior to Bob Young's arrival too to the point of being dangerously close to losing the team. I'm not sure your fanbase's support through bad times is as solid as you remember it.

you are absolutely correct CRF.
the Cats attendance was absolutely pitiful (as was the team) for much of the time between the 80's and early 2000's.

during this period the Cats were as low as 13,000 + change for 2 seasons, 14,000 or so for 4 seasons, and 18 seasons (out of 22) under 20,000.

we did not have good support for many years and have no right to slag any other team for lapses in attendance.

that being said, just as the Ottawa teams of past the nucleus of the Cats fanbase is as rabid as they come even during periods of poor ownership and on field futility.

Of that there is no doubt. It's not like it's been smooth sailing throughout your own team's history, either. But there's always been a core.

It's too easy to assume that losing a team is the direct result of fan apathy. You wouldn't make that assumption in any other field. If a TV show gets cancelled, you assume the show was flawed in some way. You don't think that if people could have plodded through a couple more seasons of boring stories and bad acting, it would surely have found its stride and blame the viewers.

At the end of the day, here, owners either fought or did not have the necessary commitment. When Montreal was drawing 10,000 or so, Wettenhall rode it out. Ottawa owners would always seem to look for the quick fix then run when it didn't fall into their laps.

Ownership is a huge factor, Jeff Hunt is a godsend for Ottawa
He deserves full credit for what he has accomplished and is great for the League
Wettenhall is also a very good owner.
With the $166M going into the Big "O" maybe he can host a GC in MTL again

We are so fortunate to have Bob Young

Quote from Bob Young

"If fans don't come, its OUR fault. Not theirs"